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Online Travel Growth Drives WRI Expansion

September 07, 2002 -- Web Reservations International (WRI), the leading provider of on-line bookings for the Budget, Independent and Youth Travel (BIYT) market, today announced a significant increase in revenue and a major... View News Release

Southern Wine Group Announces Creation of California Distributorship

September 07, 2002 -- The Southern Wine Group, a collective of Argentina's finest independent wineries, has announced the creation of SWG Imports, California. This group is dedicated to self-distributing wines in the... View News Release


September 07, 2002 -- This release is to announce the opening of a new business. The business offers virtual assistance services with a marketing slant. View News Release

Plimus Selects SwiftCD for On-Demand CD Solution

September 07, 2002 -- Plimus software authors now have custom, on-demand CD delivery capability integrated with their e-commerce. View News Release


September 07, 2002 -- In the wake of decreased Federal funding, budget cutbacks, increased infections and decreased particpation in AIDS events, Chicago's AIDS Fundraising event takes aim at the growing complacency... View News Release

Spoiled, Scheming and Sinister-A Formula for Foul Play

September 07, 2002 -- Easy credit and the desire to have everything now are temptations that catapult millions into an abyss called debt. Climate of Deceit delves into desperation and the extreme measures some people will... View News Release Launches "No Cost" Charity Drive

September 07, 2002 -- has launched a charity drive to raise $10,000 a penny at a time for "free click" charities on the Internet. View News Release

Live Baseball Trivia Championship Drives Traffic To Baseball Website

September 07, 2002 -- A web-based daily baseball trivia game culminated with a live in-stadium championship. Trophies, season tickets and team merchandise was awarded. The contest contributed to an increase of over 700% in... View News Release


September 07, 2002 -- The “Business Buddy System,” Endorsed by the U.S. Small Business Administration, Helps Businesses Owners Leverage Outside Resources to Succeed in a Tough Economic Climate. View News Release

Sosa Joins Wildman & Morris

September 07, 2002 -- Sosa Joins Wildman & Morris as a Vice President of Architecture. Wildman & Morris an A/E firm in San Francisco, California View News Release

UptimeNotifier Launches Real-Time Event Notification Web Service

September 07, 2002 -- UptimeNotifier operates a web service to help computer system administrators and developers better manage system events. View News Release

$1.4 Billion Invested in Wireless Ventures in First Half of 2002

September 07, 2002 -- According to a report just released by Growthink Research, 135 privately held companies in the wireless industry raised $1.4 billion in venture capital in the first half of 2002. The report analyzes... View News Release

Companies Utilize E-learning for Workforce Training and Development

September 07, 2002 -- 1st Class Solutions conducted a four-month workforce training survey of business professionals. The survey shows predictable and not so predictable statistics on corporate America's view of... View News Release

New RSPCA Headquarters enhances its IP communications infrastructure...

September 07, 2002 -- VideoCentric Ltd installs RADVision ViaIP Multipoint Server and Gateway to facilitate voice and video meetings across the RSPCA’s converged network View News Release

Mark Green, Guest Writer for Premiere Issue of Online Newsletter...

September 07, 2002 -- Thia release is for the launch of an online newsletter, NYNONPROFIT.COM which highlights community based organiations. Former Public Advocate,Mark Green is the guest contributing writer. View News Release

Gaiacomm: Freedom of Speech

September 07, 2002 -- Gaiacomm would like the letter to israel published as a way to express it views and opinions based on its talks about technology exchange and would like to excersise its freedom of speech and... View News Release


September 07, 2002 -- Pioneer Roots & Culture Label Officially Releases Compilation for Mass Distribution View News Release

Senior Aculab executive to speak at V-World Europe 2002

September 07, 2002 -- Aculab senior executive Tim Joint will address key issues surrounding the speech technology industry at V-World Europe 2002 in London on September 10th-11th. View News Release

Backbone Radio Brings MPEG-4 to Live Internet Radio

September 07, 2002 -- Backbone Radio now using MPEG-4 as primary streaming format. Better audio quality and faster compression time. Free demo download shows higher fidelity, faster speed View News Release

Las Vegas Casino Chips are Unique Collectibles

September 07, 2002 -- Pete Rizzo has celebrated 3 years online with his informitive Las Vegas Casino Chip Museum. Here you will find more than 3,000 casino chips on display on the internet's first and only online... View News Release

Unravelling Present-Day Scientific Mysteries

September 07, 2002 -- New, holistic paradigm solves scientific mysteries and anomalies View News Release

Good News for Environmentalists and Wildlife Conservationists!

September 07, 2002 -- New, holistic paradigm shows that now it is even more important to preserve life, as it reveals a fundamentally biological Earth and Universe that are also stabilized by life View News Release


September 07, 2002 -- Do you have what it takes to be a "virtual" bum? View News Release