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    Featured News: Saturday April 12, 2003

    LOCAL NYC RELIGIOUS LEADERS PUT THEIR BELIEFS INTO ACTION: Global Hatred; Fear of war and terrorism; Anti-war vs. Pro-war slandering and vilifying – in our papers and on our TVs everyday. This cannot and should not lead to hopelessness and despair; nor should it lead to viciousness or violence. THE ONLY RATIONAL RESPONSE TO A WORLD OF HATRED IS TO GO “BACK TO BASICS” – A REAFFIRMATION OF THE CORE BELIEFS WHICH ARE SHARED BY ALL RELIGIONS. Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Christians, and Ethical Society members who live in New York City will gather together to learn from each other, exchange views, share and pray together. Leaders of each group will speak as part of a panel - a forum to enable understanding of each perspective and to answer questions, face to face, from everyone. We will build peace, respect and understanding in the world the only way we can – in our local community.

    April 12, 2003A Symposium entitled, “Overcoming Global Hatred: Nurturing Respect and Understan​ding among different Faiths in New York City” on April 27th will bring together local Islamic, Jewish, Buddhist, Christian​,...