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Wednesday May 07 2003 - News Headlines - Page 1

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PictureSez Launches Innovative Solution that Drives Customers to...

May 07, 2003 -- PictureSez creates and delivers content, comprised of interactive components, pictures, and brief, clearly written explanations, to answer frequently asked questions (FAQs) best presented by visual... View News Release

Manage Your Network Computers with AssetDB

May 07, 2003 -- Compulsion Software announces the release of AssetDB 1.3, a computer asset database that scans remote PC's, combined with networking and diagnostic tools to aid support staff. View News Release

Display your Talents in the Music-Tech.Net Artist Showcase.

May 07, 2003 -- Music-Tech.Net has an Artist Showcase where customers receive free traffic to their websites. View News Release

Sensory Integration Center of Long Island is now offering the Dynamic...

May 07, 2003 -- The Listening Program uses Mozart music, Gregorian chant and in some instances, the mother's voice. This combination builds strong listening skills through auditory stimulation. It improves... View News Release

New Curetteblade™ Single Use Surgical Curette Blade Offers...

May 07, 2003 -- Curetteblade™ launches the first and only single use, stainless steel surgical curette blade on the market. The new Curetteblade™ Single Use Curette Blade provides physicians with an... View News Release

Remember the Fun We Had as Kids?

May 07, 2003 -- A fond and funny look at the games we played as children. A look back at life in the city streets playing games through the eyes of a "Catholic grammar school diva." View News Release

Boomers reliving their youthful days push old car website over 3000...

May 07, 2003 -- If you would like to be transported back in time, drop by and see Ray and all his fellow car lovers at... View News Release

Will the Sarbanes-Oxley Act Impact Your CRM Project? CFO’s...

May 07, 2003 -- The Sarbanes-Obley Act is requiring financial justification and measurements for IT Projects. How will this impact Customer Relationship Management projects? View News Release

PGA Learning Center Hosts "Going For The Green"...

May 07, 2003 -- You can learn more about a person's character in 18 holes of golf than you can in years of other relationships. What are your customers learning about you? View News Release

Promotional products have a high perceived value and result in...

May 07, 2003 -- J L Promotions provides advertising specialties including imprinted gifts and promotions with your name and/or logo. It is the medium that remains to be seen. View News Release

Which Would You Choose? Power to Alter Reality...or Erotic True Love?

May 07, 2003 -- Erotic love ALWAYS thrills; transforming the world around us. Yet, for one man, hounded by Insanity and Death, a "simple" love triangle CAN literally...DESTROY OUR WORLD. FRAMES, a New... View News Release

PSSC Labs Builds Supercomputer for NASA Ames Research Center

May 07, 2003 -- The Hyperwall Will Allow NASA to Visualize Complex Models on Tiled Display View News Release

Need Mental Strength?

May 07, 2003 -- On paper, they were very much alike. Both could run a 40-yard sprint in remarkable time. And both used virtually the same training methods to prepare. View News Release

"Are You Off One More Time Before Going Back to College?...

May 07, 2003 -- Find out how yogurt can save your vacation! You can have fun and be safe while traveling, stay out of jail and come back in one piece. Travel safety has never been more important. has... View News Release

Interview a World Religions Expert About Current World Conflicts

May 07, 2003 -- Dr. Laina Farhat-Holzman has studied world religions for 22 years, including the Islamic Revolution in Iran and the growth of radicalized Islam around the world, and she presents a history of world... View News Release

Renowned Cowboy Poet Baxter Black Praises New Rodeo Novel

May 07, 2003 -- Rodeo bullfighter Steve From's first cowboy novel, THE REINCARNATION OF BENNETT McKINNEY stops bestselling cowboy and Western poet 'in his tracks'. View News Release


May 07, 2003 -- Using a combination of old British colonial and traditional African designs, the Tanganyika Trading Company has achieved a level of quality and design that is uncommon in this present day and age. View News Release


May 07, 2003 -- “There is nothing wrong with you if start to doubt all the things you’ve been taught,” writes John H. Brand, D.Min., J.D. in Shaking The Foundations: Coming Of Age In The Postmodern... View News Release


May 07, 2003 -- Banned in Israel and the United States, Iraqi-born Jew Naeim Giladi’s book, BEN GURION’S SCANDALS: HOW THE HAGANAH & THE MOSSAD ELIMINATED JEWS, self-published in the US in 1992, is... View News Release

May 10 National Intuition Day – Seven Intuition Tips

May 07, 2003 -- Best-selling author, Lynn Robinson, shares seven tips to help you learn about and trust your intuition View News Release Launches Following the Huge Success of...

May 07, 2003 -- LandsofAmerica, LLC, the company behind the #1 Online Rural Real Estate Listing Service for Texas,, has launched another online rural real estate listing service that covers the... View News Release

New Legal Software Program to Save Staff Time in Calculating Effective...

May 07, 2003 -- The designer of a new legal software program says legislative staff employees and people in the regulatory compliance industry do not have to waste valuable company time pulling out a calendar to... View News Release


May 07, 2003 -- What do you get when you combine a lifetime of traveling North America in the cab of an 18 wheeler, with a pen and a down home Southern way of looking at the world? If you answered “Billy... View News Release