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A Perfect Marketing Circle

June 04, 2003 -- Problem. Many organizations approach marketing by writing a marketing plan and then putting a lot of energy into producing the projects to fulfill that plan. The results are usually 100% effort being... View News Release

Power Alert - Stage 1 Power Alert by the California Independent System...

June 04, 2003 -- Power Alert - California's Independent System Operator has issued its first Stage 1 Alert of 2003. Power Alert®, power failure alarm offers businesses and consumers an inexpensive way... View News Release

Master Hypnotist Reveals 7 Easy Ways To Get Anything You Want

June 04, 2003 -- Master Hypnotist and Bestselling Author Kent Sayre Gives You 7 Simple Methods To Become More Persuasive In This FREE Article. He Has 14 More New FREE Articles At His Website At... View News Release


June 04, 2003 -- Just when you thought the Birmingham music scene couldn’t get any hotter, Playroom Records proudly announces the release of All Over Now, the debut album from modern rock/pop artist Shane Scott... View News Release

Help! I'm fed up with my kids!

June 04, 2003 -- New children's book offers fun reading solution View News Release

Saving Your Baby’s Cord Blood At Birth- a true once in a...

June 04, 2003 -- Baby Chord Lifesciences enables parents to collect and store their baby’s cord blood stem cells at birth. Saving the baby’s cord blood stem cells at birth eliminates the donor problem,... View News Release

New Internet browser makes online shopping just like shopping in a...

June 04, 2003 -- Colorado based e-commerce firm, Code Beyond, has just introduced a new internet browser that combines the convenience of online shopping with the experience of shopping in a real store. The browser... View News Release

EnrollBest Ltd. Opens Houston and College Station sales offices to...

June 04, 2003 -- EnrollBest Ltd. continues to grow at rapid pace. View News Release

New Advisory Website Formed For Success-Minded Video Producers, Small...

June 04, 2003 -- Independent videomakers and small video business owners now have a comprehensive new website providing unique, proven resources that will enhance the growth and success of their businesses. View News Release


June 04, 2003 -- Sirius7Design is pleased to announce the design and creation of, a website for acclaimed entertainment... View News Release

YOGA vacation in the mountains of Chaffee County, Colorado for fall...

June 04, 2003 -- The INVITING ADVENTURE September 14-19, 2003, Colorado Fall Color Do-It-Yourself YOGA Escape is set up in honor of a special birthday gal and ALL AGES are invited! Learn or practice yoga in the... View News Release

Announcing a new product that will help network marketers everywhere!

June 04, 2003 -- Instant Article Creator is just what the doctor ordered if you want to create professional articles that will brand you as an expert in your field. That's how the "big dawgs" do it! View News Release

"Talking House" lets physically handicapped and elderly stay...

June 04, 2003 -- Corpier Consulting Services of Sedalia Missouri today released a new product, a voice controlled home assistant for the Physically disabled and Elderly. The system allows people to continue to live... View News Release

Georgiou Behind Pacific Trust LLC Hawaii

June 04, 2003 -- Real estate entrepreneur H.B. Georgiou embarks on new Hawaiian venture, Pacific Trust LLC. View News Release

Hidden Long Distance Fees Revealed By BottomLine(tm) Technology

June 04, 2003 -- The new BottomLine(tm) software calculates every fee, tax, and surcharge that one can expect to pay with most long distance carriers, based on the customer's calling profile. BottomLine(tm) will... View News Release

Innovative, Low-Tech Scratchstats Scoring System helps you take your...

June 04, 2003 -- Are you playing golf regularly and not seeing any improvement in your game? The ScratchStats Scoring System helps you zero in on your problem areas so you can improve them. This low-tech system takes... View News Release

PK-Fashions Launches Bra Cups that Attach to Your Clothing not Your...

June 04, 2003 -- The Adhere-a-Cup kit contains removable, reusable push-up bra cups that temporarily adhere to the garment using peel and stick adhesive strips. View News Release

Feast At The World’s Table™ with Potato Nuggets Stuffed...

June 04, 2003 -- The World’s Table™ continues to expand its line of unique food products that provide distinctive flavors, dietary value, and are easy to prepare for both retail and food service venues. View News Release


June 04, 2003 -- Olympic Gold Medalist & Swim Coach, Janet Evans, and Author & Executive Coach, Lois Frankel, Ph.D. cordially invite you to attend “HOW TO COACH WINNERS IN THE WORKPLACE.” View News Release

Mid-Atlantic Music Experience, July 11-13, 2003, Lewisburg, WV

June 04, 2003 -- The Mid-Atlantic Music Experience is a 3-day camping and music festival in Lewisburg, West Virginia. This three-day festival features over 20 acts performing on three different stages in a variety of... View News Release

Predictive Patterns Releases GeneLinker(TM) Gold Version 3.1 &...

June 04, 2003 -- Predictive Patterns Software Inc. (PPS) today announced the release of GeneLinker(TM) Gold version 3.1 and GeneLinker(TM) Platinum version 2.1 Gene Expression and Proteomics Analysis Software. View News Release

Predictive Patterns Licenses GeneLinker Products and Technology

June 04, 2003 -- Predictive Patterns Software Inc. is pleased to announce that we have licensed the rights to sell, support and develop new versions of the award-winning GeneLinker(TM) product-line from Parteq... View News Release

ADM: The Knowledge Management Desktop - Unique Outliner-based...

June 04, 2003 -- Summary: ADM 2.0 is a unique outliner-based knowledge-management system that provides the power to quickly and easily: organize, access, inter-relate, and fluidly manipulate all of your projects and... View News Release