Colorado Acupuncturist Publishes “Teffie's Travels,” an Inspiring Tale of a Young Girl’s Search for Meaning

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Discontentment is often the driver for change. Kristie Steinbock has woven what she has learned through her training and experience in acupuncture and life, into a new, soul-lifting book for the entire family.

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"Teffie's Travels" is a children's book by Steinbock and Glanz.

I have been seeing an increase in the number of new and returning patients who are experiencing mental and physical pain or have become debilitated by a shrinking sense of self-worth and importance

As people become more and more frustrated with their lives, they frequently begin to question their purpose in the world, says American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine alumnus and practicing Fort Collins acupuncturist Kristie Steinbock. Fortunately, that dissatisfaction can be used as a catalyst for needed change. To illustrate that phenomenon, Steinbock has just published a new book that is sure to capture the hearts of kids and grownups alike. “Teffie’s Travels,” is an inspirational tale about the search for meaning.

“I have been seeing an increase in the number of new and returning patients who are experiencing mental and physical pain or have become debilitated by a shrinking sense of self-worth and importance,” says Steinbock. “This book is intended to help readers on the road to restoring their sense of purpose, much in the same way acupuncture restores the flow of qi in our bodies to help us return to good health and peace of mind.”

In this first volume of “Teffie's Travels,” Steinbock’s young protagonist is unable to locate her heart. Determined to get it back, she searches exotic places around the world. During her adventures, she meets all sorts of interesting people and creatures who teach her important truths about life. It is a story everyone can appreciate.

"How many of us have searched for our hearts at differing points or milestones in our lives?” asks reader Lori Daigle. “Reading this story reminded me of that little curious adventurer that has lived inside of me for as long as I can recall. I cheered for her to discover her inner beauty (her heart) and found myself remembering to look for mine daily."

"There are several things I carried away from reading your book...Freedom to seek adventure, openness to seek input from others, and most importantly that each of us is complete already," says reader who goes by the initials S.S.

“Teffie’s Travels” features colorful illustrations by illustrator and painter Chelsea Glanz. The children’s book can now be purchased online at New authors Steinbock and Glanz are at work on two more volumes of Teffie’s adventures.

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