ALOHA Math USA Offers Tips for Parents to Helps Kids Make New Years Resolutions

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ALOHA Math USA encourages parents to help their kids make New Year's resolutions as a fun way to introduce goals to kids. Goals and resolutions are a great way to help kids achieve more this year.

Parents can help children of all ages choose “doable” resolutions so that they meet with success.

ALOHA Math USA teachers suggests ways parents can help their kids enter the new year on the right foot by creating New Years resolutions. From preschoolers to high school, goals help kids achieve more. Resolutions are a fun way to get children to start using goals, but in a fun way.

Parents can explain to kids that resolutions are like a promise that you make to yourself. They can make resolutions a part of your January New Year’s tradition. Get kids to think about the different type of resolutions. Some resolutions are for self improvement, some are for interactions with others and in school, and kids can even create resolutions about the whole world. Adults can make resolutions along with their children too.

From preschooler’s resolutions like, “I will clean up my toys;” to older kids, “I will wear a helmet when riding my bike” or watch less TV; to teen New Year’s Resolutions like, “I will avoid negative self talk like “I can’t” and choose more positive words in my vocabulary,” help children choose “doable” resolutions so that they have success.

ALOHA USA provides elementary, middle and high school tutoring in unique ways that gives kids life-long skills. For children who need math help, or improved reading and writing skills, or who are falling behind in school, parents can get help for their children with the unique programs provided by They pioneered a unique mental math tutor program called ALOHA Mind Math, where “ALOHA” stands for Abacus Learning of Higher Arithmetic. An Abacus is an ancient calculator tool used by sliding beads to count. If it sounds too simple to work, you might be surprised to learn that these instructor-led small-class-size math tutoring sessions teach children to solve complex arithmetic questions (think: (128+432-46+514) / 82) in their heads more quickly than most people can on a standard calculator. It also helps overcome the fear of arithmetic. This is not the repetitive or rote-learning approach to teaching kids math. The method focuses on a kinesthetic way of learning that promotes development in both the left and right lobes of the brain and improves focus giving kids a head start in all academics. ALOHA USA uses teacher-led classes in a small group classroom with an interactive style, not just worksheets or online tutoring.

ALOHA USA also offers language arts, reading and writing tutoring to all grades. The goal of their teacher-led language arts programs is to inspire children to read and write without difficulty. Their structured program motivates, stimulates young minds, and develops a passion for reading and writing spontaneously. Different styles of writing are introduced at appropriate grade levels. A separate teacher is used exclusively for corrections and students work in very small groups to ensure that children get individualized attention.

ALOHA Mind Math USA was introduced in the United States in 2006 and today has a presence in over 18 states, 23 countries and 4,200 locations. ALOHA USA has 150 tutoring centers in the USA including AL, CA, CT, FL, GA, IL, KY, MA, MI, MO, NH, NJ,NY, NC, OH, PA, TX and VA. With the help of the abacus, ALOHA has created a whole new dimension in the field of teaching math and the language arts to young children helping them overcome their fear of arithmetic and numbers. For information, visit or contact the nearest ALOHA tutoring center to you and schedule an orientation. For resources on teaching your kids, see ALOHA’s blog for kids at

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