Marion Jones Shares With Oprah, Her Race Against Steroids

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Jason Weidman of's blog, takes a look at Marion Jones, and how she took responsibility for her own actions of her steorid use, on the Oprah Winfrey Show today.

Never knowingly did I take performance enhancing drugs.

Jason Weidman of's blog, takes a look at Marion Jones, and how she took responsibility for her own actions of her steorid use, on the Oprah Winfrey Show today.

Fresh out of jail, Marion Jones looked ready to sprint to a better image, when she told Oprah Winfrey today on The Oprah Winfrey Show, "Never knowingly did I take performance enhancing drugs." What she thought to be flax seed oil was really a banned steroids supplement. As it seemed, six months in jail didn't hurt the prolific runner's mind set... on the contrary it seemed to make her more focused, and ready to answer any question. While on the show she acknowledged the fact that she unknowingly took performance enhancing drugs, she also proclaimed that even without the banned supplement, she would have won her Olympic races in Sydney. Author, Jason Weidman, from states "I'm very inclined to believe her. She had the opportunity to do what recent arrested celebrities have done, which is roll over, and blame everyone else. However, she stood tall and took responsibility for what had happened." In an Era where blaming anyone and everyone seems to be a trend, Marion Jones rose above the ridicule and criticism. The former "Golden Girl" has made her first strides towards reclaiming her rightful place on the upper echelon of sport figures. With two years of probation ahead of her, she realizes it is her punishment and she earned her fate.

This punishment stems from Marion Jones' false statements to officials, a few lies to Federal Agents, and to our Government. It appears she wholeheartedly went to the Olympics believing that her only advantage over her competition were her stellar skills, that she felt nothing else was needed to compete at the level she did there. According to Marion Jones, it wasn't until she sat across the table from Federal Agents, with a bottle of clear liquid, which, believed it was flax seed oil, did it dawn on her that she may have taken an illegal substance. On the other hand, Victor Conte, who is at the head of the THG steroid scandal, attests otherwise. Conte has said Marion Jones knew very well what she was taking, and has even stated he had witnessed her inject anabolic steroids.

According to Weidman, THG didn't make Marion Jones the unstoppable sprinter she became, her hard work and dedication did. He adds, "Even though they erased her efforts from 2000 to today, those of us who watched the grace and speed she displayed on the track, we know it happened, and it happened in dynamic fashion. Forget the record books that ignore her accomplishments, we all saw the races, and that is more real than any book could ever explain." He believes the only thing Jones did wrong, was put trust in her coach. Does her punishment fit the crime? Ruining her life and reputation, which she'll never get back, even after her two year probation ends. Weidman said, "I think she deserves everything back, her career, her reputation, and of course the medals she has earned. Unfortunately, that is unlikely, and she is left to pay the price."

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