eBooks with Sensory Touch ~ The Future of Effective eLearning

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eBooks with Sensory Touch ~ The Future of Effective eLearning

Wireless ReBooks Provide Physically Interactive Fun Reading

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--San Diego, CA - November 2000 - What do you think of when you remember your school days? Backpacks that weighed 50 pounds filled with at least one book for each subject plus a dictionary and paper pads for taking notes, right? Just walking from class to class was exhausting. The future of learning is becoming brighter - and lighter - thanks to ReBooks. Reading, learning and fun wireless games will involve the 4th dimension of communication, "interactive touch", thanks to RealTimeTouch technology. (http://www.realtimetouch.com)

ReBooks will evolve from simple eBooks or boundless texts downloaded onto a desktop computer's hard drive. The result will be small handheld wirelessly interactive "smart devices" that are capable of physically enhanced interactive learning. It is a well-known fact that additional sensory input improves learning. The "4R's" will become Reading, Writing, Arithmetic and ReBooks ™. Let's take a look at the first days of school once RealTimeTouch ReBooks replace paper books.

What the Future Holds

No more standing in long lines to buy paper, pens, tree-books, folders, backpacks and the like. This tradition is replaced with a family gathering around the RealTimeTouch TV (RTTV), the convergence of today's iTV and Internet PC. Mom pulls up the school Web site and downloads each child's schedule and necessary e-textbooks to their RealTimeTouch ReBook.

Since ReBooks will have the capability for note taking and highlighting, other school supplies will become optional. What about reference texts like dictionaries and encyclopedias? Simply download them into the Rebook or wirelessly access whole libraries! Within minutes, and with a much lighter load, your child is off to school.

Once the kids arrive at school, their teachers benefit from the kids' ReBooks as well. While going over a history lesson, students begin to feel their ReBooks shake and quiver in response to Washington's boat crossing the Delaware. Video clips, rather than still photos, help the teacher demonstrate the President's battle strategies. When the lesson is over, book reports and completed tests can be uploaded from each student to the teacher via wireless networking. This feature alone will be a godsend to our underpaid national treasury of dedicated teachers.

The Applications

Students doing their homework will be enchanted by the feedback their ReBooks provide. Younger children will thrill as their ReBook provides a "pat on the back" for each correctly spelled word. Teenagers will be excited about reading those old, dry classics once they experience Moby Dick enhanced with vibration and sound.

Preschoolers beginning to read will be completely enchanted as they experience ReBooks with spontaneous, interactive, tactile sensations, sound and video illustrations. As the child reads, "John bounced the ball and it flew high into the air", the appropriate jolts and audio will be produced by the Rebook. When the giant from Jack and the Beanstalk lets out a loud roar, the ReBook will respond by providing physical shakes. Parents will plug their kids' names, photos and characteristics into customizable stories or books thereby making early reading experiences more fun and interesting.

RealTimeTouch TV (RTTV) child programming will be entertaining, educational, physically interactive and huggable. Kids of all ages will use their ReBooks to interact with RTTV programs, scan traditional text, take and email photos and read e-magazines and e-news.

Your kids safety will be improved, they will automatically (and wirelessly) log on and off their bus and in and out of school. If Johnny is late arriving home, mom or dad can check his location via the GPS equipped ReBook, give them a call, or use the two-way text messaging feature. Johnny or Mary only need to squeeze the ReBook handle to send an

"I'm OK" message home, which will also give mom or dad their location.

Kids can silently contact home to let mom know they forgot their lunch. Mom or dad will remotely enable Mary or Johnny's ReBook to e-pay for a replacement lunch at the cafeteria.

High school students, who once faced taxing classes such as trigonometry and chemistry, will find learning much more pleasant when assisted by the future ReBook that will physically demonstrate the properties and applications of these subjects. Forget lugging separate grafting calculators, mobile phones, MP3s, pagers, cameras, radios, PDAs, micro TVs and GameToys™ - special ReBook versions can handle these functions and much more! There's only one drawback of RTT enabled ReBooks: because of the ReBooks' embedded location technology, the excuse of "I lost my homework" will be banned forever!

In addition to all these benefits, college students can look forward to reduced book prices and saving time and forests when using an RTT enabled ReBook. ReBooks can search texts for names, places and dates, and this information can be cut-and-pasted into the student's research paper being composed on the same ReBook!

Single or multiplayer on-line or off-line game playing breaks can be scheduled to reward good study habits. Text messaging or SMS can be used between the teacher and a single student without interrupting the class.    

The Future Is Now

Part of the process is underway now. According to a press release issued by Palm, Inc., SRI International and A&R Partners for Palm, "the Palm Education Pioneers (PEP) program will award grants of Palm(TM) handheld computers to K-12 teachers and their students. This technology grant program will enable teachers to incorporate Palm handheld computers into their lessons and provide them to every student in their class. Students and teachers in more than 100 classrooms nationally will participate in the program."

"SRI is committed to researching, understanding and integrating state-of-the-art-technology to improve teaching and learning processes and outcomes," said Roy Pea, Ph.D., director of the Center for Technology in Learning at SRI International. "The PEP program is a major step forward in this pursuit, as it focuses in taking technology that until now has been used primarily in the business environment and exploring the benefits it holds in the classroom setting."

RTT technology can easily be integrated into these type devices. The result? An improved eBook platform, called Rebook that allows print, video, audio, touch, and wireless communications. Add the teachers and you have a much more complete educational experience!

Learning will be made more interesting and successful with the implementation of RTT enabled ReBooks. Preschoolers to teenagers to college students will benefit from this exceptional combination of technologies. As we continue to expand the applications used in our classrooms, we increase the capability for our children - and ourselves - to learn more effectively. When the education process becomes fun and interesting, children are more attentive and experience less stress. With the help of RealTimeTouch technology, we can soon look forward to when ReBooks will become part of the solution to better education.

RealTimeTouch is the de facto leader in introducing the world to live physical interaction to mobile phones, video conferencing, toys and other device platforms. RealTimeTouch will license its global patent-pending intellectual property to manufacturers and service providers. http://www.realtimetouch.com


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