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With a corporate merger looming on the horizon, Bernard Roberts stands to lose more than just his job. Some of his nefarious activities could land him in jail. His stress is turning into panic until the night he sees Mark Wiseman, a lowly Tape Librarian, turning into a werewolf on company time. Bernard concocts a scheme to save himself by using Mark's "curse." But blackmailing a werewolf is a dangerous game...

So begins SHAPESHIFTER, the newest e-book release from horror writer J.F. Gonzalez. Published by XC Publishing http://www.xcpublishing.com, SHAPESHIFTER is a tale of blackmail, suspense and lycanthropy that gives a refreshingly different twist on the typical werewolf story. “With the exception of THE WOLFEN by Whitley Streiber, every werewolf novel I’ve ever read has taken place in a rural community,” says author and current Pasadena resident J.F. Gonzalez. “I wanted to set SHAPESHIFTER in the world I was most familiar withat the time, which was the upper middle-class suburbs.”

“I found the whole story to be fascinating,” says XC Publishing editor Cheryl Dyson. “The idea of a werewolf in contemporary Los Angeles is a splendid one.”

The setting is indeed familiar turf for Los Angeles-born Gonzalez, who was raised in the Gardenia area, near the now infamous South Central Los Angeles. Gonzalez, the author of previously published novels CLICKERS (with Mark Williams), and CONVERSION, as well as fifty plus short stories and articles, admits that the southern California locales he’s familiar with have influenced much of his work. “When you go to a high school where the Bloods and Crips are trying to murder each other on an almost daily basis that does tend to rub off on you, especially if you’re a creative type like myself.”

Gonzalez also wanted to tinker with some of the werewolf myths. “There is a theory of the theriomorphs, as described in the book, which states that certain people identify strongly with the wolf, so much that they can tap into this part of themselves at will, literally shapechanging whenever the mood hits. I found this aspect of the werewolf fascinating, and wanted to address it in SHAPESHIFTER.”

In the end, though, Gonzalez’s only objective in his new novel is to entertain. “I’m a big fan of old fashioned, page-turning horror fiction, and that’s what I wanted to write. I figured if it entertains me, it will be fun for other people.”

Praise for J. F. Gonzalez: "In an era of horror fiction that's often reckless and overboard, Gonzalez brings intellect and a studied, consummate craft to the table, creating tales the right way: with deft characterization, riveting plotwork, and imagery sharper than a carpet razor. This is a rare type of writer indeed, tackling even hardcore and taboo subjects with brains and creative brawn. If you haven't heard of this guy yet, believe me, you will. It won't be long before Gonzalez is taking big bites out of the field of horror fiction."


SHAPESHIFTER is available in a number of different file formats for e-book viewing: LIT for Microsoft Reader, RB for Rocket eBook, HTML for reading on Internet Explorer or Netscape, PDF for reading on Adobe Acrobat, RTF for reading on any word processing software, TXT (plain text) for reading on many different software programs, PRC for reading on your Palm Pilot, and others soon. $5.95 download, $9.95 CD.

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