Major Breakthrough In Animal Intelligence Research

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A small budgie had a vocabulary of over 800 words and not only knew how to pronounce them, but understood their meanings too.

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A Parrot That Learned To Talk Like A Human

A Canadian man has conclusive proof that parrots can understand and use context in the same way people do. One of his budgerigars had a remarkable vocabulary of over 800 words and was able to converse on just about anything. As a result he created several websites with an extensive library of recordings and videos.

These recordings are so incredible that many people have a hard time believing they are real!

" I can't understand how some people can say that these recordings are not 100% real. My sites have had over 150,000 audio downloads. People come from all over the world to hear them. Not once has anyone came up with, nor will they, any evidence to prove they are not real. Heck, other budgies even know they are real. Most budgies react to them because they hear another budgie talking" says Ryan.

Some people ask, "If this is true then why hasn't his work been acknowledged as credible research?"

"I don't believe that most scientists and people in general are ready to accept the fact that any animal can be this intelligent. Especially something as small as a budgie. Research is currently making advancements in understandng animal intelligence but at much lower levels with larger animals. The truth is animals and especially parrots are capable of complex thought and think much like us in many ways, including understanding concepts like humour and even God. I really think it is about time people know that some animals are much more like us than we have been led to believe." says Ryan.

Some people think, "These recording can't be real because it is obvious that some have been posted after his parrot died. They say there were'nt as many recordings on the site when they went to it six months ago."

Ryan's response, "I still have many recordings and videos of Victor that I have not posted on the site yet. I only post them when I have time. Victor was recorded quite often. Analyzing the recordings, transfering them to paper and upgrading the website take up a majority of my spare time. I just spent many months redesigning the sites and I still have many hours of work left to complete them. My sites have several hundred pages and each one takes time. Some of you have even questioned why some of the videos appeared so long after his death, so they have to be a hoax too. This is also untrue because everyone can see it is Victor talking in the videos. Just because some of Brandon Lee's or Aliah's movies were not released until after their death, does that mean they are a hoax too?"

Other say: Sure the audio and videos are really a bird talking. You can see that, but Ryan's interpretation is not what Victor is really saying.

Ryan's response, "Sure, Victor's talking is quite hard to understand at times, and Betty's is even twice as hard. I have spent hundreds of hours analyzing these recordings and learning thier accents. If anyone knows what they are saying, I do. I know my interpretations to be more that 95% accurate. A budgie is not like a larger parrot. They develop their own accents and speech patterns and don't usually sound like their trainer. Their voices are very small and they are often underestimated. Victor could also talk very fast and you can miss a whole sentence in a split second. For those who doubt my interpretations of what he is saying, I challenge you to spend some time on the site and listen to all of his files. I believe if you did that, you would have a very good grasp of what he is saying too. There are already hundreds of people who have taken the time and understand Victor quite well."

Even after all this evidence is presented in a fashion that is truly undisputable, some people still say, "There is no way I am going to believe that this is a real bird talking and saying these things, because it is just not possible."

For those who just can't see the truth, I cannot make you believe , therefore all I can say is, "Perhaps you just don't want to see the truth or it could be a classic case of denial to justify the worlds treatment of birds or animals in the past or present. Parrots truly are sentient and concious beings. Other recent research has proven they are far more intelligent than previously thought. The evidence could not be more clear."

Ryan Reynolds is the director of and is also the founder of the Budgie Research Group. He is well known among the budgie enthusiasts on the Internet and is a world leader in training parrots(budgies) to talk. His research involved the late Victor The Budgie who he claimed to be the "World's Most Intelligent Talking Bird." Currently he is working with several other budgerigars who have demonstrated similar abilities for talking in context.

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