THM: Dutch 'Mind Diet' sets new weight control standard.

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From the Netherlands comes a refreshing new look on the age-old dilemma of weight control. With THM we can say goodbye to diets forever according to John Hiller, author of The Hiller Method (THM).


Friday March 8, 9:06 am Central European Time

HUIZEN,Netherlands.(DAP) - A new way of controlling obesity is starting to emerge using the internet as communications vehicle..

Originating from the Netherlands comes a new and refreshing look on weight loss, created by a man called John Hiller. Mr. Hiller has published work called 'The Hiller Method' (THM), claiming it is the first non-diet which also doesn't involve exercise, supplements or fitness tools.

An immediate question comes to mind to our readers: "Well, how does it work?". That seems to be the best kept secret of the web today. In speaking to Mr. Hiller he explains: "I have created something out of my own experiences with weight loss, not only because I felt that it had sales potential, but also because I knew that millions of people could benefit from reading about my experience. The key thing here is that most health-product companies out there have a very cold, non-personal approach to their consumers, and basically have no clue what their buyers are going through."

What hasn't been written about losing weight and obesity?

Taking into account the abundance of products we have seen in the health market these last few years, a breath of fresh air is more than welcomed.

Nothing can be more frustrating then to watch the struggling overweight masses spend millions on products which are promoted by doctors and (would-be?) experts, only to find that another illusion has been shattered, and the only thing lost is yet another sum of money.

At age 37, Mr. Hiller acknowledges the fact that there seems to be a pattern where weight loss will get harder with age, and he claims that diets can and will never work permanently. Having 'yo-yoed' himself for some twenty years, he went from 250 to 185 pounds in some 50 days. This is a remarkable result. John Hiller: "Yes, I would say that's even an understatement. The essence of my method is to create consumption awareness and habit focus, which is far more effective than I could ever have imagined. After I lost the weight, now some two years ago, I started coaching some members of my family and friends who needed to lose some excess fat. By the time I got through explaining my method, most of them were skeptical, but willing to try. Results were excellent, which prompted me to put my thoughts on paper and share it with a wider audience. I sold my first copy right here in the Netherlands almost a year ago now."

"Talking about results we have encountered people who lost 13% body fat in less then two months, without the usual or very little challenges found in regular programs."

In asking how he accounts for the good results, his comments were: "THM works, and works well because of three things:

A shift of focus

A voluntary change of habit.

A change of perception with regards to food consumption.

You ask me is this a mind diet, well it *certainly* has to do with changing perception, but most definitely *NOT* with dieting. It really changes you forever. There is something I tell every new user when they start: There is a point of no-return. This means that once you reach a certain level, you will not be able to go back to your old habits, even if you wanted to. Your body simply will not allow you to". "In effect you can basically eat and drink whatever you feel like, all I do is introduce balance and consistency into your daily food processing habits. Slowly but surely you will become a balanced consumer who will gradually lose all excess weight instead of gaining (slowly) year after year. Call it reversed yo-yoing if you like."

In asking Mr. Hiller how the product will develop further he answered: "We are constantly looking into improving THM. Personally I think it is very well written as it is right now, but some people need encouragement and emphasis in different areas than others. I am learning every day from conversations with people all around the world using THM(The Hiller Method) on a daily basis." I've been growing in my role as obesity advisor to my users since I started publishing a little over a year ago."

It will be interesting to see how the American market will react to THM, as most sales the past year have occurred in Europe according to statistics. We wish Mr. Hiller good luck on his continued efforts.

John P. Hiller is based in the Netherlands, and writes on average 100+ e-mails a day, encouraging and motivating THM users around the world to reach and maintain their personal weight goal. He has recently opened a private Yahoo forum which is used only for THM user communications.

Mr. Hiller can be reached at: more information on THM:

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