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Zach Malott has created a smokeless tobacco cessation program that addresses the causes of slips that trick most chewers and dippers back into their addiction. The program is recommended by healthcare professionals. It provides a daily, one-on-one approach while reducing daily workload for busy doctors, dentists, and other healthcare professionals occupied with "level one" medical priorities during their busy day.

Roswell, NM -- March 19, 2002 -- Zach Malott was a

confirmed tobacco-chewer for thirty-eight years. Not only did

he chew, he chose the strongest brand - Copenhagen - and

continued the habit, with occasional attempts to quit, until

he actually sat down to study his personal “triggers” and

began to develop shields to help him kick his addiction.

He’s alive to tell the tale, unlike many who have succumbed,

first to the disfigurement, finally to the deadly tumors

associated with oral cancer. The photos on his website are

graphic, to say the least. Not for the faint-of-heart, they

should, however, be required viewing for anyone who enjoys a

good chew. They have been made available to the media from

various anti-tobacco agencies, organizations and websites.

Malott has put them to very effective use on his own site and

is constantly on the lookout for even more forcible


Malott, a 55-year-old web designer, has developed out of a sense of urgency and a deep desire

to help others overcome their dependence on smokeless


He is anything but “holier-than-thou”. There’s no

finger-pointing (except at the tobacco industry) and he

doesn’t condemn those who chew or dip. He recognizes the

problem for what it is - an addiction. His “Cessation

Program” provides a straightforward view of the habit, varied

support methods, and a quitting process that many addicts who

want to stop will find extremely helpful.

The program consists of several major elements which he has

found to be successful in the battle to free both himself and

others from their habit. Two of the main features are an

eleven-chapter eBook (the first six chapters are available

for free downloading on his site) and a well-organized

website forum. Within the forum, people can discuss the

difficulties they’re facing and receive ideas and support

from their peers, as well as from Malott, himself.

The eBook, crammed with an abundance of knowledge,

experience and assistance, is available for downloading at

$39.99. As Zach points out, it’s the equivalent of a ten-day

supply of chew or snuff; a cost that any confirmed tobacco

user would not think twice about paying. If you buy the book,

it’s a one-time fee that gets you a lifetime of support to

help you become liberated - for good.

Malott and The Oregon Mint Company President, Bill Geiger,

have recently formed an alliance to help individuals who

still need the tactile sensation of smokeless tobacco

without having to be concerned about its dangerous effects.

Geiger, a former chewer who was diagnosed with a

“pre-cancerous lip”, developed Mint Snuff, a non-nicotine,

all-natural mint product in pouch and chew form which can be

found in several large chain-stores throughout North America,

as well as on his own website,

Malott had not previously committed to any particular

tobaccoless alternative until he came across Mint Snuff,

which he found to be closest to “the real thing”, in addition

to containing nothing but healthy ingredients. Links to can be found throughout the site.

States Malott: “I didn’t set up this program in order to

make a fortune, unlike the tobacco giants. The website is a

result of the research I’ve done, the success I’ve had with

others while formulating the Cessation Program and the

knowledge that it can, and will, work for each person who has

reached the stage where they want to make a serious attempt

to leave their addiction in the past.”

The website,, is well worth the time taken

to check it out. As the forum builds and more members reach

out to support each other, Malott hopes to make a serious

dent in the number of casualties seen by cancer treatment

centers each year. Make no mistake - anyone who smokes, dips,

or chews, runs the risk of developing cancer.

Disfigurement is one thing. Ask anyone who has been affected

personally or indirectly by this disease and they’ll tell you

that death from oral cancer is a whole different ballgame.

Nobody is immune.


Zach Malott may be reached for consultation or interviews

at: (505) 626-2553 and by



Bill Geiger is available for interviews at: (503) 815-1981





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