Smoking Mothers Selfishly Ignore the Truth about Smoking and Harm and/or Kill their Children, Family, and Friends

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Political correctness and social factors have protected smoking mother from facing the potential consequences of killing their family and themselvesÂ?finally Mr. GordonÂ?s powerful words make their selfish crime bluntly clear

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“I smoke because it helps me lose weight”, “I smoke because it is my life and I enjoy it”, “I smoke because everyone around me smokes”, “I smoke because it helps be fit in”. All of these excuses seem plausible and good reasons for smoking. The trouble is that there is no good reason for a mother to smoke, with every puff, even if she does not smoke around her children, she is slowly and consciously hurting her children. Some of the side effect of second hand smoke are just annoying but many, research after research prove, are physically and psychologically damaging to the child.

Another fact that is not usually brought up is that some smoking mothers die before they have had a chance to raise their children and they deprive their children of their proper mother. The argument that “I am only hurting myself” is not only no longer valid, it is absolutely proven to be wrong. Mothers who love their children should not smoke for them; not only because of the damage they cause their children, but for the potential of depriving their children of the joy of being raise by their natural mother.

“In today’s industrialized societies, there is no longer a doubt that smoking kills and that second hand smoking harms, causes great pain, and can kill children of smoking parents. Fathers too need to stop but since mothers are usually the primary care givers in a traditional family, and usually is the child rearer in a single parent home, mothers in particular need to quit smoking for their sake and that of their family” says author Rey Gordon who has written three wrenching treatises on the subject. “I wrote these works to make mothers aware that ignorance of the facts and selfish needs can not be claimed as an excuse for consciously hurting a child by smoking”, say the author. He also adds “There are those that will claim that this is emotional blackmail for all mothers who are not guilty of any crimes, but the facts are clear and not facing them kills, not facing them tortures and kills mothers and children and destroys families every single day. If nothing else convinces a woman to quit, they can know that every time their child has more colds than other or has more ear infections than other or any of a number of totally unnecessary smoking related trauma, they are consciously hurting their children just as surely as if they punch them over the ears or the lungs”.

In conclusion, Mr. Gordon offers these treatises to the world as his gift and hopes that if reading any of them helps save a child or a woman (mother) any trauma, pain, or death, then it has all been worth it! It is hoped that responsible media pays attention to this critical matter and publishes the treaties in their entirety. The author has already offered them to The Truth anti-smoking campaign in hopes that their gripping stile ads use it!

Following are the three treatises, the author reserves all copy rights but offers permission to any news organization to print each of them as long as they are unchanged and each is printed in their entirety although not all three need be printed at once.

Treatise One:

My selfishness is stronger than my Love for You

I love you,

I love you more than life,

I would give my life for you my daughter…..

But I am too selfish to quit,

I know it hurts you physically and emotionally but I am too addicted to even consider quitting,

My daughter believe me I love you even when I smoke in the car next to you and later hand you your asthma puffer,

My daughter believe me that I love you even if my selfish addition causes me to leave your hospital bedside when you have a respiratory infection I contributed to…just to love my addiction more than you,

My daughter I love you but I cannot consider leaving my addiction even when you beg me to stop because it irritates your eyes and causes you ear infections…I can only think of me at those times…

My husband I love you but I cannot put your wishes and needs before my addiction, I cannot listen when you beg me to stop for our daughter and for me and you,

My husband I love you and want to be there for you and our daughter but you know I need to smoke to keep my weight down—it’s a great excuse,

My husband I love you, but all of my friends smoke and I need to fit in, can’t you think of my needs for once when you ask me to quit after our daughters gets her bad asthmas attacks?

My husband I love you but you know I cannot stop because I need my addiction to make my life complete,

I know you love me but stop being selfish and think of me, I need to have a little pleasure in life, I don’t complain when you snore all night long, please do not give me guilt trips when you and our daughters get a cold more often than others,

My husband I would give my life for you so please do not tell me that my skin is aging fast, my voice is like that of an old lady, and my breathe smells like an ashtray, I love you but not even my love is stronger than my need for my fix…..

My daughter I love you and wanted you to live a long healthy life, but even when faced with your cancer, and knowing I contributed to it, I still leave your bedside to go to my addiction for comfort….

My husband, my sickly daughter, I love you both more than life itself, even when I literarily help take the life out of you and me!

Copyright 2002 Rey Tamayo All rights Reserved

Treatise Two

I love you but I knowingly poison you

By Rey Gordon

When I wanted you I had to work extra hard to overcome the effects of the poison on my body,

When I knew you started growing in me, I thought about it, but selfishly loved the poison too much to stop,

When I felt you kicking as my blood poisoned you, I ignored the signs that I was taking your oxygen away an replacing it with many poisons,

When you were borne underweight and needed to stay in the hospital, my sweet poison calmed my nerves as I worried for you,

I was “responsible” and fed my addition when away from you, but because I had to leave you in your crib alone to feed my poison you almost died from SIDS,

When the asthma left you breathless and your allergies kept you in bed, I held you and told you how much I loved you but was too selfish to quit for your love and your health,

When my doctor warned me I needed to quit to improve my health, I thought only of my fix and not of what I would do to you,

When the last site I saw was your crying eyes next to me as I left this world, I wanted to take it all back but I was leaving my five year old love because I did not love him enough to quit!

If you love your child quit smoking or using tobacco products before you harm them or leave them with the scar of losing a parent. If you do not quit for yourself quit for your child, they deserve their health and yours!

© Copyright 2002 Rey Gordon All Rights reserved.

Treatise Three

I love you

By Rey Gordon

I love you but I love my addition more,

I love you but I poison your lungs when I smoke next to you,

I love you but I contributed to your asthma, ear infections, and almost killed you with your SIDS

I love you but when you can’t breathe because of your asthma all I can do is smoke away from you,

I love you but when you get more colds than most, when your lung functions are lower, when you look at me with your feverish eyes, I just need to smoke more to calm my nerves,

I love you but not enough to care about your health,

I love you but not enough die for you but not to stop killing myself and you with my smoking,

I love you but you cannot beg me enough to consider my health and save myself for you,

I love you but everyday, 3 times an hour I assault your body with something I know hurts you,

I love you enough but nothing can make me see that I hurt you everyday, every waking hour we are together…..

I am a good mom and I adore you but no matter how much conscious suffering I cause you; my selfish need is more powerful than my love for you!

© Copyright 2002 Rey Gordon All Rights reserved.

About Rey Gordon

Rey Gordon is an admitted staunch antismoker. He has been so all of his life. It took him 25 years to get his 4 pack a day father and 2 pack a day mother to quit smoking but he managed to save them and his family from this torture and addiction. Although he believes it is an individual’s full right to smoke and enjoy their lives any way they desire he also believes that individuals must be responsible for their acts. In writing these treatises he hopes to let each and every mother (and father as well), decide for themselves whether they want to continue to knowingly and irrefutably harm their children and those around them. If they do, there are no current laws that protect the defenseless children and it is their right to continue in such a heartless activity. But as they continue they have no excuse to being unaware of this diabolical streak of their nature!

Information in this press release contains the author’s works and opinion based on his research of the subject matter. It is not meant to be used as a factual document.

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