American Medical Review, hosted by Morley Safer, to profile Kegel Exerciser

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American Medical Review has chosen to profile a company that manufactures a safe, natural, FDA approved treatment for stress urinary incontinence. This company fits the show's commitment to educating Americans about all their health options.

The television series, American Medical Review, hosted by Morley Safer, has chosen to profile A Personal Solution, Inc., a company based in Prescott Arizona. A Personal Solution, Inc. manufactures the Kegel Exerciser, a product which just received FDA approval as a medical treatment for stress urinary incontinence. The Kegel Exerciser is the only progressive resistance trainer to receive such approval.

"After we decided to do a segment on incontinence, we researched the market for innovative companies that are providing solutions for this prevalent problem," American Medical Review producer Alex Berry said. "We discovered a highly underserved story that deserves serious attention. There's a huge gap in educating the public about Kegel exercises as a treatment for incontinence -- proven to be effective many years ago. A Personal Solution, Inc. is filling this gap with the Kegel Exerciser."

The patented Kegel Exerciser teaches women how to strengthen their PC muscles. Weak PC muscles cause urinary stress incontinence, a problem that studies show affects millions of women worldwide and is the number one reason for admittance into nursing homes. Exercising and toning PC muscles prevents this problem. Toned PC muscles also provide other important health benefits, easier childbirth and postpartum recovery, and treatment of sexual dysfunction.

Dr. Beverly Whipple, PhD, RN, FAAN, and co-author of internationally acclaimed book, "The G Spot" has been educating women for many years about the importance of toned PC muscles. "I teach women worldwide, of all ages, how to do the Kegel exercises. They are so important to prevent and/or treat stress incontinence and to promote sexual fitness. This is one gift a women can give to herself to enhance her health and her sexual health."

Harry Orlish, President of A Personal Solution, Inc., says "We are honored that American Medical Review has chosen to profile us. In the 1940's, Dr. Kegel proved that Kegel exercises treat and prevent incontinence. Dr. Kegel coached women on how to tone their PC muscles. But most women don't have the benefit of Dr. Kegel or Dr. Whipple's coaching, and instead are given simple verbal instruction. Studies prove that this is not enough women have trouble isolating the proper muscles and as a result, aren't doing the exercises at all. That's where our product fits in. It locates the PC muscles, teaches women how to do Kegel exercises properly, and the progressive resistance feature tones the muscles more effectively. The American Medical Association recommends behavioral treatment as the first line of defense against incontinence --before drugs and surgery. The Kegel Exerciser enables women to follow this advice and improve their quality life."

"American Medical Review" is produced by WJMK, Inc., of Boca Raton, FL., as part of the American Review Series and is broadcast to 50 million viewers on PBS stations throughout the country.

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