Gaiacomm: Will the FBI listen this time?

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GAIACOMM CORPORATION For the past four (4) months, GAIACOMM CORPORATION has been seeking your assistance for a special funding allowance to enable it to initiate operations and construct two (2) working prototypes of its 4G wireless technology

TO:        Co-operative Threat Reduction Program,

             Special Weapons Technology,

             NIPC at FBI


For the past four (4) months, GAIACOMM CORPORATION has been seeking your assistance for a special funding allowance to enable it to initiate operations and construct two (2) working prototypes of its 4G wireless technology. So far, we seem to be falling on deaf ears because we are a micro company, of unknown notoriety, staffed by unknown persons who are not industry-accepted PhD-s. Basically, you are all ignoring us. OK - up until now, this has been amusing, but the time for joking around has ended.

The US is for all purposes at a state of war. We are being threatened for our existence as a free country by a group of terrorists, who perceive the US as weak, spineless, "evil" creatures who must be eliminated to please Allah. Think not ? Call your ally Israel and ask how the bombings are proceeding. It is a matter of time before this type of "street combat" comes to American towns. What will this do to our economy ? Our freedoms - yours too, even though you work for the government ? You have families - are they safe ? The answer is NO. A resounding NO. And if yours are not, mine definitely is not.

Gaiacomm Corporation supports the war on terrorism, and we need your financial and resource backing NOW. We have a 4G wireless technology that is miles ahead of any technology available to you today. SO much so in fact, that we want to build a replacement communication system for the US submarine fleet. The systems currently available to you are sub-standard - no pun intended, rather a statement of fact. Our technolgy will enable a vessel to remain submerged at great depths, in motion, and able to communicate rapidly with surface ships and land-based stations without sacrificing stealth.

More importantly, to provide a counter to terrorist activity, our technology is easily modified to re-direct wave propagation with one end result: a weapon of mass destruction. It functions as an incineration weapon that does not leave radioactive comtaminants, just dead entities ( ie. people ).

Our initial funding request was for you to consider $ 15 MM as a special grant. We have scaled down our proposed prototype, such that it can be constructed within approximately 12 months, and we are asking for $ 2-3 MM to build this model for your review. A full-scale unit will of course be at a higher cost, although NO WHERE CLOSE to what we spend on bombs for Afghanistan today. You only need one (1) Gaiacomm weapon. No terrorist on the planet would dare attack America or her allies again, if these terrorists knew America's military had the "guts" to stand up and utilize it. Remember, the terrorists view America and her government as weak and non-commital.

Take the time ( now is good ) to review our web site,, and click on PUBLICATIONS, reading in detail the Technology Summary document ( a/k/a PROJECT: NEMO ). Our CEO and Founder, Mr. Judah Ben-Hur, is expecting a call from you to answer your technical questions, at +1.310.213.1997 (California). Both our VP Finance and I remain available to discuss how we can enter into a funding alliance. My number is (904) 828 - 0340 (Jacksonville, FL).

Just because we are unknown and unproven - don't let that stop you from acquiring the technology that will catapault America to victory over terrorism. I am certain President Bush would welcome knowing the US military had taken the initiative to go for victory.

Saddam Hussein in Iraq can go to the streets, but no US serviceman need die in invasion / battle. Saddam can die in his streets compliments of Gaiacomm Corporation technology.

One last thought ... the US made a serious and costly mistake last year. Another relatively unknown and unproven entity named Osama Bin-laden threatened America. No one took HIM seriously. Well, seems that unknown entity has been associated to a loss of real estate ... we cannot seem to locate two of our World Trade Center towers. Has anyone seen them lately ? Are we waiting for another such incident before the government quits wasting time and starts seriously looking at technology REGARDLESS OF WHERE IT COMES FROM ? The best ideas come out of nowhere most of the time. GAIACOMM CORPORATION is NO EXCEPTION.

Visit the web site - call our CEO. Gaiacomm Corporation needs a special funding grant and classification as a national security military project. NOW GENTLEMEN !!! The American people and their Jewish allies are in danger of terrorist attacks.

The American people and her allies deserve the full military protection of the United States government.

GAIACOMM CORPORATION is being assisted by Senator Bob Graham's office, and we are indebted to his efforts to refer Gaiacomm Corporation to federal agencies. But Senator Graham cannot force these agencies to look at the advanced technology which is right in front of them. We also believe that our news media should start being notifed that GAIACOMM CORPORATION has been trying to bring a technology to the government, yet cannot get recognized because it is a micro, unknown start up company. Again, we deeply appreciate Senator Bob Graham and his attention to our company and effort to help America in her fight against terrorism.

With best regards,

Dan J. Thomas, Jr.

VP - Administration & Special Projects

Director / Gaiacomm Corporation

4867 Victoria Chase CT

Jacksonville, FL 32257-5206

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