European Manufacturer Fashy launches new improved Hot Water Bottle product line

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New technology permits the production of transparent hot water bottles with floating hearts and stars. Hot water bottles with pictures such as Marilyn Monroe and cozy animal hot water bottles.



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FashionHot LLC is the exclusive North American distributor of FASHY Gmbh

Hot Water Bottles, Europe’s leading manufacturer for over 40 years. High quality, seamless craftsmanship,

safe, durable European thermoplastic design. Innovative Transparent Bottles with Floating Hearts

and Stars. Brilliant colors that do not fade or have the odor of the conventional ugly rubber hot water bottles.

Our Hot Water Bottles are suitable for steam sterilization and conform to ISO 9001standards.

Fashion Hot Water bottles stay hot or cold longer and are guaranteed for 3 years.

Historically, heating the body’s surface produces a specific effect that can increase comfort and

the rate of healing. When heat is applied to specific areas its surface temperature rises

in an attempt to maintain a constant temperature as does the temperature of the blood in the tissue

just below the skin. Enlarged blood vessels thus help to speed the removal of warm blood with an

influx of cooler blood and results in more oxygen and nourishment to the area while at the same time

eliminating toxins. “ Natural Heat Therapy” Used by mothers and grandmothers alike for over 100 years.

Our serviceable yet unique and decorative hot water bottles provide the ancient wisdom of applying hot water therapy that has never been more attractive and more fun. Now children love cuddling up with Plush, toasty warm therapeutic companions to drift off into dreamland, or to accompany them in the cold and snow to keep warm.

Professional men and women are no longer embarrassed to bring on their secret weapon to soothe sports aches and pains, to provide security and warmth on a cold winter night. Even teenagers enjoy cozying up to brilliant colors and high tech images of assorted Stars, Hearts, Moons, Plush Cuddly animals and more.

Mom couldn’t be more pleased with an all round affordable, and fashionable hot or cold assistant to bring down fevers, soothe sore muscles, relieve cramps or just bring on a camping trip, vacation, or sporting event.

Cuddly Bears, Raccoons, Bunnies, Lambs, Snowmen slung over the shoulder, held in the arms or encircled around the neck - “Natural Heat Therapy” Warm Comfy Cozy - Mom and Grandma knew the secret. Fashion Hot Water Bottles are Amazing!

Available on line    http//
Or by calling our order desk at 1 909 597 9005 or email

The head to toe Hot Water Bottle variety make them great gifts for all!

Young and old alike! SS RELEASE

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