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Resistive and recuperative powers despite major total body insult/injury: An improbable 25-foot triple trip and fall: Walking a normal pace with three successive trips. Catapulted into uncontrollable forward motion ending up after the third trip FLYING THROUGH THE AIR. I remember thinking, "People Don't Fly." Landed full force, head first on a raised cement curb, bouncing three times on forehead, chin and sternum.

Here's the story: THE FACTS TO START


My name is Burton Danet, Ph.D. I am 63 years old, a retired clinical psychologist.


The date in question is November 26, 2002. It is a clear and beautiful sunny day. Early afternoon, about 12:30 p.m., out I go for a usual daily walk. Only this day it starts out a little bit differently when catastrophe strikes.


I live with my wife Marsha at the Residence Inn by Marriott. We have lived in this suite on a continuous, extended stay, basis since July 26, 2000.


Our suite attendant had, the prior day, left us two boxes of peach-colored Kleenex brand facial tissues by Kimberly Clark Professional. This happened, even though we’ve expressed that we prefer only white, non-colored tissues to avoid the dye contained therein.


We originally asked the Front Desk/Housekeeping Department, in writing, as a request/suggestion to please provide only white tissues and white toilet bathroom tissue as we prefer not to be exposed to the dyes contained in colored products. Consistently, we have been receiving only the standard peach-colored Kleenex Cottonelle Bathroom Tissue toilet paper from the start of our stay, from July 26, 2000, to the present, contrary to our request and without deviation. We have previously asked the housekeeping attendant to exchange prior colored boxes of peach-colored tissues brought to our suite since they do always have the white tissues at the hotel.

On the day in question, I had to dispose of an empty carton in the dumpster outside our building, located at the back/side of Building 6. So I took the empty carton and the two boxes of tissue and left our suite. I descended two flights of stairs to the ground. At that point I made a 180-degree turn and headed towards the back/side of the building. I approached and opened the front door covering the dumpster that is located on the blacktop between Buildings 6 and 7. After throwing the empty carton into the dumpster, I closed the door and then did another 180 degree turn and headed back towards the front of our building.

I was looking for a cart, but I was also anticipating the start of a lovely walk after I made the tissue exchange. I was wearing Ecco shoes I always wear when I walk because they offer so much support. They are also very comfortable.

I looked around the property to see if I could see a suite attendant’s cart so I could exchange the tissue, as I had done before, also outside at a cart. This time I saw none as I looked around. I was walking at a slow speed so I could do the looking around for the cart. As I walked across the blacktop and approached the first red curb to the side and in front of Building 6, I was still seeking a Housekeeping cart that I could approach to make the tissue exchange and return the white boxes to our suite before departing on a daily walk.

I do not recall all of the exact details of the following scenario. As I was looking around for a suite attendant’s cart, and not finding any, I decided to start towards the Gate House located at the Sepulveda Boulevard end of the property thinking I was likely to come across a cart along the way.


Suddenly I lost my footing. I then experienced what turned out to be a TRIPLE TRIP AND FALL.

Apparently I tripped at or around the first red curb. Next to the red curb is 11 feet or so of green grass. That grass is often moist due to a number of possibilities, including but not limited to, dew, the moist ocean air, from fog, from dog urination. The grass is also watered daily, in the late evening. Thus overnight into the morning the grass may be quite wet, and it may be moist during the day even if humidity is low. There is also a tree towards the end of the grass stretch.

Next to the 11 feet of grass is a blue curb for the first parking space. This space is for Handicapped persons to use. It was empty. That handicapped parking space occupies another approximately 14 feet in width. Together the red curb/grass area leading to the first curb of the handicapped space and the space for the handicapped make it a total of approximately 25 feet from the red curb to the end of the first, blue, handicapped parking space and extending to the next first raised curb of a handicapped wheelchair ramp.


After tripping the first time at or around the red curb, when I landed, I was out of control, and my other foot tripped again. Then with the forward momentum that began building with my first trip, and with the occurrence of the second trip with the other foot, this double trip now caused me not only to be out of control and to have inability to steady or balance myself, but I was further unable to stop this successive triple trip and fall. As a result, I started, when my third step/foot landed, to catapult forward. I found myself literally flying through the air. I remember saying to myself as I flew in a forward direction, “People do not fly.” But as I sailed through the air towards the end of the first handicapped parking space, I landed, full force on the raised concrete cement/first curb of the handicapped wheelchair ramp.



There followed, once I descended from the mid-air forward “flying” position, three bounces to finish this 25-foot triple trip and fall. I landed first on my forehead, sustaining an abrasion there.

In what have been a fourth undetected encounter with the cement curb, apparently I scraped my nose, but I was not aware of that, realizing it only later when I looked into the mirror at the Little Company of Mary Hospital Emergency Room.


The second bounce included landing on my chin. There I sustained an approximately two-inch laceration on the right side of my chin that bled only slightly, but enough to leave a moist appearing mild, superficial open cut.


At that point I bounced again, landing this time on my chest/sternum. Immediately I experienced severe, excruciating chest pain, 10 out of 10 on a pain scale.


I believe that as I experienced the multiple, triple trip and fall and triple bounce landing, I had screamed loudly.


Immediately I felt dazed, but I do not think I was unconscious. Unable to stand, I simply slumped a little bit into a sideways position and onto the ground and just lay there in a daze, in pain, and perhaps crying, moaning, tearing from having experienced the immediately preceding events and from the pain that was just about total body pain.

I was unaware of, but later learned about, the fact that my prescription sunglasses had not only fallen off my face, but the lenses had popped out of the frames, and the frames were all bent out of shape. The frame is Stetson XL – 1.

I was unable to get up. I experienced excruciating pain in multiple locations – head, neck, chest, both shoulders, upper and lower back. I felt numbness in my right leg/foot I had never felt before. I had pain in my left lower back and into my buttock. I had pain in both feet.

I felt, within seconds after the fall, my head gently being lifted and placed onto some soft towels. The towels were placed over the supporting hands of the head of the Maintenance Department, Tony.

Suddenly I felt some stroking on my left shoulder. I heard Julio, supervisor from Housekeeping, gently stroking my left arm and saying, “Don’t move, don’t move, it will be all right.” His words were obviously of great concern and were meant to be very comforting to me, which they were.

Shortly thereafter another Housekeeping supervisor asked if I wanted her to get my wife. I nodded/said yes. She ran over to the stairs of Building 6 and up to Unit 622 and banged on the door to alert my wife’s attention to what had just transpired. Later I learned, she informed my wife, Marsha, that it was her husband, myself, who had fallen. Marsha had actually heard a loud crash and immediately looked out a window (facing near the dumpster) and saw nothing. Marsha then came over to the front door of the suite and looked out. She saw me lying on the ground surrounded by a small group of people. She asked someone if she should call 911 and was told, yes. She tried calling right away, but only got a busy signal and could not get through. She then called the Front Desk and Trina answered and said she had already called, reached 911, and medics were on the way.

A little later, I recognized the voices of Karen Lorton, Assistant General Manger whose office is very near the Front Desk, and Sandy Miller-Raycraft, General Manager, both of whom were expressing their dismay, concern and offering words of reassurance and comfort.

Others had gathered as well, including Marsha. She came over to me and said she’d take my hat and other belongings such as my now broken glasses, back up to the unit. I asked her to bring with her BioChoice Immune26 (, a natural immune-boosting food source consisting of Egcel or Hyperimmune Egg (, that had, during the previous 18 months, offered me great benefit ( I wanted it to be available immediately so I would be able to consume it at the Emergency Room and after, to begin an obviously major recovery effort that would include rehabilitation and a healing process while undergoing both initial evaluations and during the subsequent days and whatever length of time would be required for the rehabilitation. In fact, a short time later, it was suggested by Dr. Hellen Greenblatt, immunologist and microbiologist involved with the research and development of Immune26, to consume 12-15 scoops/servings a day (average adult serving is 1 scoop a day) to maximize healing and reduce time required for the recovery. Since major athletes such as professional cyclers had used the Immune26 successfully to improve their stamina, decrease down time due to illness and had won a major race for the fourth year in a row, I already had knowledge of how important it was to begin the larger consumption of Immune26.

Within a matter of a few minutes, it seemed, the sirens of the paramedics could be heard approaching the property, and quickly they arrived and began their assessment of my condition. I was able to give verbal responses in spite of my extreme pain, being dazed and having extreme difficulty moving. They performed their evaluation and determined a way to place me in cervical spine precautions and placed me on a backboard and then on a gurney, into the ambulance. My wife, Marsha, rode in front on the way to the Little Company of Mary Hospital, talking to the paramedic driver about questions she was having regarding my condition. It appeared that my vital signs and ability to respond to questions remained intact on the 20 minute or so ride to the Emergency Room.

Once there, I was transferred quickly into an ER room where Dr. Paul C. Marut began his evaluation with his team of ER personnel. Eventually I was sent for a CT scan of the head and then many, many x-rays of various parts of my body, including the most painful area of all, my chest/sternum.

The findings were all negative with the exception of two mildly broken wrists, non-displaced fractures. There were two temporary short-arm casts placed with instructions to replace the casts with permanent ones within 48 hours. There was a mild concussion as well, but no need for any special treatment.

I had been consuming BioChoice Immune26 throughout the lengthy evaluation. Towards the end of the time in the ER, I became increasingly cold, shivering to the point of extreme discomfort. Attempts were made to contact my primary care physician (PCP), Dr. Steven Simons, to no avail. His coverage, Dr. Rothbart, also did not respond. With so much discomfort from the shivering, I requested to be discharged home. Dr. Marut gave me two Vicodin before leaving and sent me home with a prescription for 20 Vicodin.

I remained overnight at home. The next morning I called my PCP’s office. I spoke with Robert, his assistant. After a lengthy discussion I decided to go to Cedars-Sinai Emergency Room for further evaluation as I know I could not take care of myself, and my wife was unable to do so either. I wished to be evaluated with the intent to be hospitalized so I could undergo observation and a complete evaluation after this acute and extensive multiple-injury Triple Trip and Fall Accident. At approximately 1:15 p.m. on 11/27/02, I was taken, by Manhattan Beach Yellow Taxi, from the Manhattan Beach Residence Inn to the Emergency Room at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, arriving there at approximately 2:00 p.m.


Despite the above:

My forehead had a MINOR ABRASION.

My chin had a thin, 2 inch narrow laceration, no broken teeth.

NO broken nose.

My sternum was painful, but NOT BROKEN.

No other broken bones other than two MILD wrist fractures.

I had been consuming 5-6 scoops of Biochoice Immune 26 (

daily for 18 months.

It appears I have strong bones that did not yield to all the force of my fall.


A picture approximately 3 days after the incident shows the abrasions on forehead, chin and nose, with mild laceration on chin.

A week later, another picture show COMPLETE HEALING, no evidence of the abrasions!

The healing has been unbelievably fast. It appears that with the building of my immune system I was able to muster maximum ability to deal with this insult.


Now in financial disaster with no resorces, with the threat of eviction, with need for continued rehabilitation and with a wife who has great need for treatment with her 36 years of "physical challenges" (disabilities), I must do everything I can to turn this catastrophe into a means to help myself and others.

BioChoice Immune26 is available to review here:

A site for health professionals is here:

With purchase of this new food source, we will have support while others benefit also.

Please see my early benefits here, 2 and 4 months after starting Immune26 consumption:

Let's turn this disaster into making it A Better Community For All (ABC4All) to benefit charities all over the world and making the internet the greatest philanthropist the world will see:

Thank you for your consideration. To your health!

Burton Danet, Ph.D., Founder

A Better Community For All (ABC4All)

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