Nuclear Warfare in the Ancient Times // concepts for a film script

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About 12,000 (other sources say about 5,000 or even about 24,000) years ago there was a nuclear war on the Earth, between Atlantis and the Empire of Rama that lead to the destruction of both of them (according to some other sources, there were even several nuclear wars in different times and in different places on the Earth, between different state formations, so several films could be created). Ancient Indian historical epics, like Bhagavata Purana, Mahabharata, and Ramayana (3 principal Ancient Indian epics), tell about this, and the data provided in the materials mentioned below are based upon the epics' data, The Anti-Gravity Handbook, and other sources.

Beginning: story of the empires of Rama and Atlantis, their technology developments:

Flying devices able to fly in the air and space (aircraft/starcraft): vimanas/astras (saucer-like, Rama), vailixi (mostly cylinder-like, Atlantis).

Weapons (nuclear weapons; "conventional" weapons; others like e.g. a weapon that "dried out" the enemies ("sushka")). See "War in Ancient India", by V.R. Ramachandra Dikshitar. See also: Mystery weapons of the Rama civilization wars, by Ray Auxillou (the author claims this took place 5,200 to 3,424 years ago). A quotation from his work:

"There are descriptions of seven kinds of mirrors and lenses used for offensive and defensive weapons.

There was a weapon called the "marika" used to shoot enemy aircraft, somewhat similar to our lasers in description.

The "Astra" weapons were four different kinds of noisy flame belching missiles.

Their is a unique in our modern experience today, a weapon called the "Prasvapna" which was used to cause sleep among the enemy, or a crew of another flying vehicle. We are just starting to do similar things with brainwave entrainment, using microwave carriers.

"Antima" is described as a cap of invisibility used on flying machines.

The enemy of the Rishi City Rama Civilization were the "Asvins".

There is a description of a weapon, that today fits all the results from nucleur bombs. It was used to wipe out two cities, Vrishnis and Andhakas and everything living in the area. [...]"

City of Mohenjo-Daro: an example of the Empire of Rama's cities (only ruins present better street planning and aqueduct than in contemporary Indian and Pakistan cities).

Pyramids: pyramids in Egypt: Atlantis; in China: Rama. Both seem to have had communicational functions ("magic crystal gathering the Space energy")

Egypt pyramids: see e.g. Egypt Pyramids Pharaohs Hieroglyphs - Mark Millmore's Ancient Egypt (The biggest of Egypt pyramids, the pyramid of Heops, consists of ~2.5mn blocks that are adjacent each to other in such a measure that it is impossible to insert a thin knife blade between them).

Chinese pyramids: see e.g. "The Chinese Pyramids - An Extraterrestrial Legacy", by Hartwig Hausdorf; or "Chinese Pyramids" by Ellie Crystal. (Great White pyramid, seems to be the "Worlds Largest Pyramid", with the height of about 300 meters).

Mid: the beginning of the conflict (for humans what they had almost never was enough...)

Elements of love-story: Rama-Sita (Ramayana), etc.

End: the nuclear warfare; death of Rama and Atlantis civilizations; beginning of the New Stone Age.

The following materials provide visual enough informations about the nuclear warfare in the ancient times (Mid-End):

The Evidence for Ancient Atomic Warfare (parts 1&2), by Nexus Magazine

Vaimanika-Sastra (Vymaanika-Shaastra; one of Ancient Indian books dedicated to vimanas (astras): 32 secrets to piloting a vimana):

Vimanas (Aeroplanes), by Dipal Sarvesh: (provides related fragments from Mahabharata)

"A Tribute to Hinduism - War in Ancient India", by

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