Diabetech Leads XML Initiative for Improved Diabetes Management

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Dallas, Texas; January 3, 2003 Diabetech, in cooperation with other leading diabetes management companies and organizations has agreed to develop an open XML-based standard that will pave the way for simplified and accurate exchange of diabetes-related data and information.

This new standards organization will create a set of interfaces that will expose relevant data in a secure and easy to use manner. These standards will be freely available to member companies, developers and medical providers as a set of guidelines to ease the data access and exchange processes concerning relevant diabetic health care information.

The impetus for this new organization is the increasing need for health care professionals to have real-time access to vital data such as blood glucose levels, insulin dosing and patient-defined attributes like meals, exercise, carbohydrate quantities, insulin types, etc. Further, this information can be contained in several different tools even for the same patient. The ability to gather this data from multiple sources, aggregating and transforming it into actionable information is a not only a challenge for efficient self-management but also a missing link in the extended health care team’s toolkit.

When a member of the team including the health care professional needs to access this information, they must understand the technical details of the specific data format. Most of the time, this data can be viewed individually although this is as yet quite inefficient with each source having its own unique abbreviations, formats and attributes.

As a member of this community, the health care provider is more likely to choose a vendor that is compliant to this standard since it will give them a singular set of interfaces to work with regardless of the actual data source being used by the patient. With a critical mass of members, this organization will be the solution set of choice for not only providers seeking diabetes management data, but also for organizations interested in diabetes research.

By sharing what data each member of the community would like to expose, each member’s position and market opportunity is enhanced. Their visibility is increased and this enhances the patient’s choice in selecting the best of breed components that ultimately comprise any number of variable diabetes management solutions.

This community will first work together to develop a set of common XML documents and schema definitions to enable exchange of data in a common format. Members will then agree to register their use of this specification that will be the end product of this community. Eventually the community may come up with a set of standard methods that will provide the mechanism for easy exchange of data.

Once the members of the community have adopted the standards, tests will be scheduled to verify conformance to the standards. A group mailing list and a website will be formed to connect each member with the community and to provide updates as fixes and enhancements to the standard set.

The founding members of the DMI are:



Texas A&M Corpus Christi




Mr. Scott Hanselman

The developer of GlucoPilot, a leading handheld diabetes management application for the Palm OS.

Voting membership is available to any company, developer or organization that harvests any kind of diabetes relevant data that may be useful to others. This membership will be open to more than just diabetes related members as it is critical that anything agreed upon by the DMI must adhere to and integrate to other pervasive standards such as HL7, CIC, etc... as well as various federal and state regulations including HIPAA among others.

In addition, many people with diabetes also have other healthcare complications, which carry their own information standardization challenge. The Diabetes Management Initiative will eventually link seamlessly to these other standards, including any form of health care information.

The initial set of guiding standards is anticipated for publication near the end of the 3rd quarter of 2003. Testing will be performed on a pairing basis and a matrix will be maintained by the DMI as to which companies have successfully traded data with each other.

The window of opportunity is now and the time is right for this leading group of diabetes health care management entities to form an alliance and present one face to the benefit of patients and their medical providers. Through the early success of member organizations, all vendors will see the benefits of finally working together rather than in isolation.

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