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Eliminate your body of toxic poisons and prevent many ailments. Prevent impotency and strenghten the organs.

In a world where watching what we ingest in to our bodies has become more important than ever before, an amazing herbal supplement called woodroot tonic helps to cleanse toxins negatively affecting our health.

Charlotte, NC-We are living in a time when cancer, heart disease, and many other diseases have become more prevalent than ever in our daily lives. Many people continue to seek ways to avoid a premature death, and better their health through a healthy diet, regular exercise, as well as vitamin and mineral supplements.

Unfortunately utilizing all of these ways to better health is not enough. Natural hygiene is essential and can be achieved by taking an amazing tonic that has been used by the Jamaica Maroons for over 100 years.

It is called woodroot tonic, and it is perfectly suited for everyone--man, woman and child. The tonic is comprised of bitters, herbs and roots blended together to help eliminate the body of toxic poisons, mucus, veneral diseases, cold, asthma. stomach viruses, and has been used as a genaral tonic to help the reproductive organ function.

Woodroot tonic is so popular, Roots & Culture Records Inc. is intensifying the effort to reach consumers through other vendors. The ingredients are all-natural and seperately are known well as natural remedies. However, when combined to form woodroot tonic, the healing power is intensified, and become more all encompassing.

The main ingredients are:distilled spring water. all man strength, chaney root(effecting in healing ailing kidneys and bladder), black wys and nerve wys (aids in the functioning of the central nervous system and feebleness), strong back, sarsaparilla(for blood purification), cayenne(the most healing and stimulating herb known to man with no harm or reaction), myrrh (helps to heal ulcers, sores, hemorrhoids, sore throats, coughs, asthma, and chest infection), herbal bitters, and ginger.

Those who regularly take woodroot tonic report that immediately after swallowing the recommended dose they experience an energizing warmth that radiates throughout the cavities of their body. In conjunction with a holistic lifestyle, this astounding elixir is already helping many lead healthier lives. And, as its benefits become more well-known, it will help many more in years to come.

Find woodroot tonic at http://www.naturalherbsonline.com

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