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Is the Weemee the new face of Internet communications? They're cute, they're colorful, they come in almost four billion different shapes and sizes and they're online to be the Internet phenomenon of 2003. Weemee's put a whole new face on the Internet. They are personalised avatars -- graphical representations of their user -- which can be built online in under a minute. Weemee's not only look like you, they can dress like you, drink like you, know the places you like to go and the things you like to do; all without sacrificing your personal anonymity.

Once it's been created, there's no end of things you can do with your Weemee. He or she can be used a signature for your e-mails, represent you in chat rooms, forums and message boards and personalise your home page. Your Weemee can even be used as a logo for your mobile phone, sent as a picture message and used as a call alert so you can see who's calling you.

Weemees however are more than just simple pictures. They are the heart of a unique new service which blends online and mobile services with real life. The system lets you create a Social Fingerprint, with information on where you hang out and what you like to do. You can find other users – and their Weemee's – who go to the same places. You can find new friends – or a date for the evening based on someone's like and dislikes, or just how sexy you think their Weemee looks.

The Weemee has been created by Saw-You, a Glasgow based company which has been making waves in the online and mobile industries since they first launched the concept in 2000. In July Fortune magazine were so impressed by the concept that they awarded the company the 'Best International Technology Company 2002’ award. Next month Saw-You and the Weemee will become the centrepiece of Nokia's community platform for their wireless village initiative in Finland. In early 2003 the company hopes to have completed a deal with one of the world's largest instant messaging services.

The reason so many of the world's leading fixed and mobile Internet giants are talking to this small Scottish company is simple – personalisation is going to be at heart of the Internet as it evolves and attracts an ever increasing number of users. As major service providers and portals seek to offer their users a more focused and dedicated service, personalisation is going to be key – offering users what they want and making it FUN.

Yes, fun. Between dot com disasters and corporate colonisation, the Internet has lost a great deal of the unique and innovative spirit which drove its creation and explosive growth in the nineties. When excitement can be created by new ideas which simply offer the same services rebranded, the birth of a unique new service which offers almost every net user some kind of benefit, promises to be one of the most radical new ideas to hit the net in years.

"Weemee's are a fun way to put a human face on just about every type of Internet service," says Mike Kinsella, the founder and CEO of Saw-You. "Having fun might not sound like a great commercial proposition, but to the Internet and mobile stakeholders the equation is simple, the more fun people have, the more likely they are to come back again and again and that's good news for everybody”. Stock prices and weather reports anybody?

“It is a source of great pride that the owners of Europe’s main internet properties have cited as the most exciting Internet proposal they have seen for 18 months” Kinsella says” It’s reassuring to know that good ideas can come from anywhere”.

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Founded by Mike Kinsella and John McGuire in March 2000, Saw-You is pioneer of advanced mobile messaging services. The company has patented a number of key technologies relating to messaging based on physical descriptions. This allows Saw-You users, to search for specified characteristics and exchange messages (SMS, MMS etc.) with people seen in in social environments such as clubs, pubs, gigs etc. Accessed online or through mobile phone handsets, Saw-You promises to revitalise the SMS market and kick start interest in the advanced new MMS technology. The Saw-You service breaks down one of the greatest factors limiting the growth of mobile messaging, the requirement for each party to know the others phone numbers.

Saw-You has been recognised by a number of leading publications and services as one of the most exciting new services for mobile phones in the world today. Fortune magazine recently awarded the company the 'Coolest International Business' award. Saw-You also won the 2001 Winners At The Web awards in Scotland.


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