New Screenplay Tells of Life on the Super-Club Circuit

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New York based screenwriter, Maverik Rayne Parker, is announcing a non-exclusive review period for a screenplay developed from true stories and events that took place during his more than ten years in and around the super-club circuit. He is seeking buyers and representation.


1 February 2003

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New Screenplay Tells of Life on the Super-Club Circuit

New York, NY. – 22 January 2003 – Announcing the opening of a non-exclusive review period of Maverik Rayne Parker’s screenplay entitled “SOULEVER: Lift – Life in the House that Jack Built.”

SOULEVER is the fictionalized story of the author’s experience as a sometime club DJ and promoter in the super-club circuit from 1990 to the present day. As a reader, you are captured by Jack Parker, a young suburban teen recently removed from his inner-city upbringing and fixated by the lure of the glamorous club scene when given an opportunity to work for the leaders of the top local lounges.

Though not a naïve young man, Jack’s previous experiences in the city drug scene could never have prepared him for the journey he will undertake. Working as a low-level ‘flyer-boy’ Jack aspires to control a bigger portion of the scene and works quickly to move into more powerful roles in the operation of their nightly parties. Jack’s skill matches his aspirations and soon he uses his old connections to garner the attention of a more powerful club leader.

This is where Jack becomes SOULEVER. As his DJ pseudonym suggests Jack’s new role is to lift the crowd. Once a member, and eventual leader, of the most powerful and organized club syndicate in the world, Jack soon realizes that what fame brings, it also destroys.

SOULEVER: Lift – Life in the House That Jack Built …

… is not a story of club life as a fun and fanciful world in which drugs and music symbolize a tribal experience of enlightenment, rather an homage to the sometimes harsh realties of the lifestyles of many urban youth and young adults. SOULEVER seeks to instill a firm understanding of what can actually happen in the daily life of those in the ‘circuit’.

Some initial reviewers have described SOULEVER as … “Kids meets BLOW meets everything that happens from the ages of 16 to 25 as a club-kid in any major city.” – Javier, 34

Also… “SOULEVER is the first story that tells the story of the circuit. There’s drugs, sex, music, and death, nothing out there tells this story from the perspective of those who have been there.” - Tristan, 36

Finally, from the author…“If you had ever been to Limelight or Tracks, ever wanted to go to a Massive and dreamed of being on the floor at TWILO or BUZZ, you’ll see SOULEVER in 2003.”

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Announcing SOULEVER

In addition to SOULEVER, Mr. Parker is pleased to announce his additional planned and completed screenplays available for review and option in 2003. All screenplays are being adapted from a series of vignettes by the author.


This romantic dramady is set in late 1990’s Manhattan as a young couple comes-of-age. Attempting to handle the unique pressures of careers, friends, and growing up – the couple is torn between love and life, career advancement and relationship stability. CRASH is a realistic turn on what it is like to grow into adulthood.

Page Six

The story of an enterprising young man who through life has grown to see people as they live in Page Six of the New York Post. He has an epiphany one morning while watching the gossip shows that the only way to be the person he would like to be is to become extraordinarily famous in one year. Through reinvention and just plain lies our main character finds his way to the top without ever actually doing anything at all.

Dark Fiber

A sometimes dark and chilling drama focused on a tightly knit group of Hackers in their teens and young twenties who have developed an intelligence-gathering program that is capable of providing marketing and demographic data about any and every person accessing an electronic device. Dark Fiber is a look into the world of ‘Smart Marketing’ and its attack on personal privacy. This story is a stunningly realistic account of how ‘big business’ will stop at nothing to control everything you do, buy, and wear.


Maverik Rayne Parker                                    Born: Kensington, Maryland

Maverik Rayne spent his teen years as an active member, sometime employee, of the club circuit. A one time ‘flyer-boy’ for local House clubs in the Washington/Baltimore area, Maverik became a protégé of several local leaders of the dance music scene, eventually spending some time behind the turntables where he adopted the persona SOULEVER. After several years traveling the scene as a small time promoter and DJ, he took time off to pursue alternate career goals.

Maverik, born Richard Dale Parker III, to loving parents that raised him in the Washington area suburbs – began his career in 1991 at a small acting school in Northern Virginia. He found his love of writing in high school where he would create small scenes for his friends to act out in their basements. In his early twenties he relocated to NYC where he works as a consultant and lives in lower Manhattan.

A sometime student at NYU, he spends his time like many in NYC, working a day job dreaming of landing a career in pictures.

For more information, please send requests to the contacts listed in this release.


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