Noboom petition is gaining momentum, many have said they have heard enough and are sick and tired of the digital bass in their face as well as all over the place.

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A grass roots petition urging congress to address the issue of loud, pile driving, entertainment audio bass systems in vehicles, has captured the nation's attention and is gaining momentum.

A petition that was started to urge Congress to pass tougher laws regarding the sale, distribution, and use of high decibel amplifiers, linears, speakers, especially those installed in vehicles, has been gaining momentum since it began last summer.

Petition signatures are arriving daily some people are learning about the petition by doing searches on the net with words like loud+car+stereo+law.

According to people in various states, problems have ranged from people being deprived of sleep regularly to their literally being sick and tired. One of the many stress factors include coming down with every cold and flu that has come their way. They are becoming ill apparently from the stress caused by the constant thumping from the low frequency bass. They also report being driven out of their homes forced to relocate only to have the problem appear again and again .

One woman exclaims her grandson who suffered from a seizure disorder was horribly affected by these sounds. "Every time one of these cars passed my house it would send Adam into seizures."

To demonstrate how horrific an issue this is, here is a comment from a university student who is obviously very aggravated by this matter. "I am a student at Indiana University, Bloomington and I can't even get away from the noise at the main library. All of the current periodicals and class reserve materials are kept in a room with reinforced concrete walls and some of the thickest glass I've ever seen and you can still here bass!"

Many of the drivers of these vehicles do not want to acknowledge any form of limitation on their systems. They are powerful enough to be felt for city blocks and through concrete and brick walls as we have experienced firsthand. If insurance companies were to raise their premiums for possession of such equipment in the insured vehicles, perhaps then the abusers would think twice, or would they?

Many people are sick and tired or mad as hell, depending on who you talk to. They say they have heard and felt enough and believe it's time to stop these thugs who have no regard for other people's rights to peace and quiet. The right to a goodnights sleep as well as the right to maintain their health is a right.

All the abusers seem to care about is their so-called right to feeding ther addiction to the bass. These addicts need help and there clearly is a need for a private or federally funded program to recognize and treat their addiction. A strong argument supporting this sentiment is growing as is demonstrated by

a Fellow at the University Of OK. He has created a term for this kind of addiction "Audio Stimulus Dependency Disorder" or A.S.D.D.

A Military Psychologist who also is an audio expert, agrees there is indeed a "high" created by exposing and bombarding the human cells to high amounts of low frequency I.E. digital bass. He believes that "Feeling the music can be dangerous to your health."

In addition these drivers have made themselves virtually soundproof to emergency vehicles as well as the rest of the motorists. Is it really necessary to "feel the music" when you are behind the wheel of a three thousand plus pound piece of machinery moving at an average of 55+ miles per hour that requires your full attention so that you don't kill yourself or anyone around you? Talk about driving distracted!

In one instance a five year old girl died because the ambulance could not reach the hospital, because someone had to "feel the music". One death because of this is too many!

There is a clear need for defined boundaries on a national level.There must be some kind of limitation put on how powerful and loud these systems can be played. If no limitation is placed these systems will be completely intollerable more so then they already are! Grassroots political action is now needed more than ever! Many communities are either not willing to enforce or create noise ordinances to deal with such an issue or do not have the resources to deal with such a menace to their community.

Some of these communities can be found in popular counties in Southern Florida, the city of Fort Myers in Lee county.the cities of Fort

Lauderdale,Hollywood,Davie,Pinecrest,Dania beach in Broward county. The cities of Miami,North Miami Beach, Aventura in Dade county even as far as Marathon and Key West in Monroe county! as well as the rest of the country and Canada. The problem is so wide spread that it is in Auckland, New Zealand.

The menace is growing day after day with some of the biggest electronics manufacturers and lesser known names like "Rockford Fosgate" supplying top big name distributors like "BB" and "CC" as well as others who constantly and irresponsibly install these digital systems and distribute special "digital CDs" to be used in such digital bass systems, essentially hooking the consumer like a crack addict and keeping them coming back for more! It is time that the American people, who are essentially voting with their dollars, consider the ramifications and consequences of continuing to support and patronize such corporations who demonstrate a reckless regard for the community as a whole and who have clearly demonstrated that their only concern is their bottom dollar. According to an anonymous member of Citizens Against Audio Trespass "This is the worst example of corporate liability since Big Tobacco and both the manufacturers and distributors of such equipment must be held accountable for the damage they have caused. Like their predecessors, Big Tobacco, they have shown no remorse or take no responsibility for educating the consumer on the legal limits of this kind of equipment or how sound travels or how this is affecting the communities' well-being on a grand scale"

While there has been a very intelligent response from those who feel they are victims from this aggression, the response from those who have created these victims, I.E. the so-called "boomers" has been filled with hate and a general feeling of disgust towards these victims. To think that someone actually complained that they are being hurt and made sick! Some proponents of stronger regulations have received hate mail filled with death threats!

We ask members of congress: Has it become acceptable to hurt people in America and be completely held unaccountable or are we still a nation bound by laws or have we gone mad?

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