Network managers security strategy proven inadequate to stop virus attacks.

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Virus not able to penetrate Fortress wall.

Scottsdale, AZ: While this weekends newest worm like virus infected tens of thousands of computers there was a small number of computer network owners who had no worries.

The worm that crippled computer systems including Bank of America's ATM network spread like wild fire last weekend. Like two previous outbreaks, Code Red and the Nimda virus, patches were available from Microsoft for the known vulnerabilities. Unfortunately, busy network administrators have not had the time to research, download and apply the patches.

Unlike most viruses and worms this virus did not need email to spread. Instead, it spread directly through network connections making it much faster in infecting more computers and much more costly to businesses.

A small group of network administrators were not concerned when the news broke knowing that additional precautions were not needed. These worry free administrators have installed a unique product called a Fortress Wall between their router/modem and network hub. Unlike anti-virus software which works by cleaning a virus after it infects a computer, Fortress Wall protects entire networks by blocking all viruses before they can infect a single computer.

Fortress Wall is a small security hardware appliance that does not require software to be installed or updated. The fortress Wall effectively makes any network invisible to the outside world sealing off open ports and it stops, viruses, worms and hackers dead in their tracks. In addition this reasonably priced ($1,200.00 US) appliance can handle unlimited 512k encrypted Virtual Private Network connections.

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