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Announcing new invention to help computer users overcome eyestrain and have enhanced peripheral vision of the office.


February 18, 2003, Melbourne, Australia - Australian inventor, Stephen Attwood, has given office workers eyes in the back of their heads with the help of his computer mirror invention - the iMate.

The iMate fits on top of a computer monitor or shelf and gives a wide-angle view of the office behind you.

"It makes you feel more relaxed and safe knowing what's going on around you," Mr. Attwood said. "But the original idea was to reduce eye strain."

"I was working as a computer programmer and regularly went home with sore eyes. Ergonomic experts encourage you to look out of a window every now and then, but my computer was against a wall so I couldn’t."

"One day I was renovating our bathroom and pulled an old mirror cabinet off the wall. I got the idea to stick one of the mirrors on the wall at work so I could see out of the window behind me. The imate developed from there." Mr. Attwood said.

Barry Cole, Professorial Fellow at the Department of Optometry and Vision Sciences - Melbourne University, has been an advisor during the development of the iMate. He has indicated that the iMate encourages you to blink and to change your focus, both of which are important in alleviating eye strain.

Mr. Cole also suggests that “Computer operators positioned facing a wall may also feel psychologically isolated and cut off from their work colleagues. The ‘rear view’ mirror with a wide field of view fitted on the computer monitor may serve to reduce this sense of isolation since the computer operator can keep an eye on what is going on around them. This might enhance a sense of well being, and Collins has shown that a sense of well being at work is a factor in reducing the incidence of visual symptoms for computer operators."

Early users of the iMate have praised the idea, and not only for ergonomic reasons. Mark Williams of Focus Financial Group, East Ringwood, purchased one for each of his employees.

"Some of the guys here would literally jump whenever I came up behind them. Now they can see me coming. The ladies also love it for make-up," Mr. Williams said.

The iMate is available on the internet from $19.95US. Reseller enquiries welcome.

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