Penta becomes the best selling water item in health food stores, fueling a new trend: Super-premium drinking water

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Penta becomes the best selling water item in health food stores, fueling a new trend: Super-premium drinking water

SAN DIEGO, CA – February 12, 2003 – In a category long dominated by bottlers who conjure up imagery of glaciers, springs and rivers, there’s a new top dog – and unlike the others, this incredible water doesn’t claim to come from some miraculous source. In fact, in comparison to the many designer bottles in the water section, Penta looks downright ordinary.

According to SPINSscan, the premier source for sales data in the health food channel, Penta water’s 500ml bottle outsold the #2 item by 32%, and accounted for 5.7% of the entire water category’s dollar sales, which includes bottled drinking water, bulk water, sparkling water, and enhanced waters.

So how did this upstart water from San Diego leapfrog the players from European springs and Canadian glaciers? It’s all about the science.

Penta water is made using a patented process that actually improves the composition of the water. Water molecules naturally form bonds with their neighbors to form large clusters and are too large to easily enter cells. Penta water is restructured – without adding chemicals – so that it has a high concentration of small, stable molecular clusters. A study recently published by scientists at the prestigious General Physics Institute validated this unique molecular structure.

Penta water is also ultra-purified to remove impurities to a degree that far exceeds regulatory requirements. “As far as we know, it’s the purest drinking water on the market,” notes Michael Sims, Director of QA/QC for the company. While many bottled waters contain detectable levels of a host of undesirable chemicals and solids, Penta water consistently tests at undetectable levels.

Penta’s unique structure appears to be responsible for its many significant benefits. It’s been shown by scientists at UCSD and the Scripps Research Institute to hydrate 14.3% more effectively than other waters. It’s also been demonstrated to improve the alkalinity level inside cells, possibly helping them to live longer.

Penta water claims a host of dedicated enthusiasts. “I can really feel how Penta hydrates me faster, helping me to perform at my best,” notes Chris McCormack, the #1 ranked triathlete in the world. Likewise, top Marathoner Eddy Hellebuyck feels “If it weren’t for Penta water, I’m not sure I would be holding my undefeated record this year!”

But most of the people lined up at health food stores to plop down up to $39 for a case of Penta say it just helps them feel great and stay healthy.

Penta water is primarily sold in health food stores. But, given that top sellers in the health trade are now often also found in mainstream stores, it is understandable that the company has plans to begin selling to limited grocery and convenience store chains in Spring of this year.

Penta water is made and distributed by Bio-Hydration Research Lab, Inc. For more information and testimonials, please visit

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