For Men whose Wives "Never Want Sex" -- There IS a Solution!

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Decreased passion and sex is a chronic problem among married couples, especially those with children. Now, a new book provides an easy-to-follow roadmap of practical steps that any man can follow in strengthening and rebuilding the passion of his marriage. Full media kit, including press review copy of the book, available at or .

There is a known problem across America: Women who used to enjoy good sex with their partners, and who still love them, say that now they would just as soon go straight to sleep. An estimated 24 million American women are no longer interested in sex, based on a recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

According to the Kinsey Institute, as life gets more complicated for women, sex often takes the back seat to other demands.

Subsequently, too many husbands are then reduced to becoming, in the words TV star and comedian Ray Romono, "sex beggars." It's also partly what leads to men creating jokes about marriage, such as "the best way to end good sex is with a wedding."

Beyond the humorous side of this issue is a real problem, which often contributes to serious household tension, extramarital affairs and divorce.

Most marriage counselors and psychologists will comment that a lack of a good sex life is often a symptom of deeper issues, and is not necessarily the main issue in itself. One of Kinsey's most significant findings was that a driving factor for women and their interest in sex was overall quality of life, including emotional and mental health, economic pressures, and relationship difficulties. Unfortunately, many men who complain that their wives are no longer interested in sex simply don't put these things together.

Yet, the good news for men who complain that their wives never want sex is that they can do something about it. There is one approach that EVERY husband can adopt that can have an overwhelming impact on his marriage and family. It's called REAL FOREPLAY.

"The vast majority of REAL FOREPLAY takes place outside the bedroom," comments author Keith F. Luscher. "It is divided into eight easy steps that any man must take if he wants to become closer and more intimate with his wife."

"REAL FOREPLAY has little to do with "romance" in the familiar sense," Luscher adds. "Let's face it. What good are flowers if the man who sent them doesn't show consideration for his wife in doing housework, or taking care of the children?"

According to a recent article in PARENTING magazine, men do a lot more housework than dads of previous generations. But research indicates that women still do the most-two to three times as much as the man.

But being a loving and supportive husband is more than about housework.

It's about is getting up in the morning first and making sure the heat is turned up and the dishwasher is emptied.

It's helping to pack lunches, or fix breakfast.

It's spending time with the family rather than watching the game or playing golf.

It's not looking like a slob half the time.

It's sincere loving and caring, 24/7.

Relationships will always be a hot issue to everyone, given the vast majority of books on the subjects. "Most ‘relationshipÂÂ’ books are too long, and are only read by women," comments Ellen Kay Douglas, Ph.D., a Columbus, Ohio family therapist. "In a short and easy read, Keith Luscher provides an excellent roadmap of practical steps that any man can follow in strengthening and rebuilding the passion of his marriage."

At less than 100 pages, Luscher designed this book to be read and absorbed quickly. "Even though it's for men," Luscher continues, "I am targeting most of my messages towards women. 'You know what he wants,' I tell them. 'But does he know what YOU WANT? Finally, here is your chance to tell him, by getting his attention right where it counts!'"

"To truly help the relationship, the wife has to buy this book, read it, use special space to mark her own comments in it to her husband, and then slip it under his pillow."

Luscher can only make one guarantee: "After learning these 8 easy steps along with his wife's feelings, if he doesn't know what it takes to be a better husband, then she had better check his pulse."

Through REAL FOREPLAY, Keith F. Luscher, author, speaker and consultant, embarks on a new mission: to raise the standards of what it means to be a good husband. He is also the author of another book for college students, just released in its second edition from New Horizon Press: DON'T WAIT UNTIL YOU GRADUATE II: JUMP-START YOUR CAREER IN TODAY'S VOLATILE ECONOMY WHILE STILL IN SCHOOL. ( )

REAL FOREPLAY: 8 EASY STEPS FOR THE MAN WHO WANTS TO BE CLOSER AND MORE INTIMATE WITH HIS WIFE is available in print through local bookstores, and is also available online in both print and eBook editions at ( ).



In celebration of the release of his new book, _Real Foreplay: 8 Easy Steps for the Man who Wants to Be Closer and More Intimate with his Wife_, author Keith F. Luscher is making the eBook edition available FREE to anyone who wishes to own a copy.

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