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QUITE ANNOYING is the process of handling doctorÂ?s prescriptions nowadays

QUITE ANNOYING is the process of handling doctor’s prescriptions nowadays: the small pieces of paper with doctor’s prescription that patients bring to pharmacies these days often remind a scrambled cipher from some espionage movie; it is hardly possible to recognize what is written there! Still, recognition of doctor’s handwriting is not the final in the process of filling the order. Prescription has to be punched into the pharmacy’s computer to be filled. Should there appear any typos, the process may have to go all over again, which leads to delays… How familiar we all are with this! There must be an easier way to handle this job.

Responding to the demand, a relatively new way of handling prescriptions was proposed. Instead of handwriting a prescription, doctor would give patient a bar-coded card with the medication information on it. This card, instead of the old-and-moldy unreadable piece of paper, would be brought to a pharmacy. The card would be scanned with a bar-code scanner similar to those we are used to see at Wal-Mart’s checkout lines. The rest of the process is automated by the software, developed by Pilot Group specially for Intelligent Software Solution Inc.

ISS Inc. is implementing an assembly process to Kit and package kits of product cards for the pharmaceutical industry. The application accepts OCR scans from scanner. The scanner is mounted on a desk. To enter necessary information into the system, user slides the next OCR-font numeric number under the scanner. The system will validates that received information and processes it or — if validation fails, it prompts user to retry the last scan. The application has the ability to wait for the next scan without timing-out for as long as the application stays active.

There are plenty of reasons to believe that this brilliant innovative idea will soon change the common style of yet another area of our lives, making it less inconvenient and headachy.

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