LeafsOfTalent.com Inc., Simply More Than Just another Head-Hunting Firm.

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LeafsOfTalent.com Inc. works toward building a global workforce as well as laying the groundwork for the establishment of entrepreneurial and investor relationships.

U.S. based LeafsOfTalent.com Inc.; a privately owned Company opens its doors to the global community. LeafsOfTalent is an internet-based head-hunting firm that has set its sights on bringing together a global workforce and financial institutions under one umbrella.

The Company's objective is to provide the global community with a business model that would allow them the opportunity to compete for jobs as well as a means to pursue entrepreneurial opportunities. In the case of financial institutions; allow for insights to business ideas that may prove to be considerably market-worthy.            

Since its inception of May 2002, LeafsOfTalent's management has incorporated numerous of great programs as a means to jumpstart their enterprise. Two programs of which management foresees as a future success are the "Talent Agent or Agency Program" and the "Global Talent Person and College Student of the Month" Program. Both programs offer participants the potential to gain significant financial awards as well as the opportunity to achieve employment goals. A company spokesperson asserts that "the sooner members begin registering at its website, the sooner its staff can begin demonstrating its loyalty to members and clients alike."

As LeafsOfTalent's Chief Executive Officer, John Sudds announces that the Company looks forward to accommodating the global community and that he and LeafsOfTalent's staff shall make a strong commitment toward helping the unemployed achieve their goals of finding employment.

The company does charge fees for their services however, the fees are nominal and they are far less expensive than average head-hunting fees found through similar services deployed at other internet-based firms. Dexter Palmer, the company's Sr. Vice President of Marketing, declares that a substantial amount of Company earnings shall be rolled over into its Global Talent Person and College Student of the Month Program. It is the company's wishes that cash proceeds awarded to its members would be put to constructive use such as investing in start-up businesses or paying for college tuition, all of which is in keeping with LeafsOfTalent's member and economic support programs.

LeafsOfTalent.com Inc. is also seeking partnerships and alliances with foreign entities of similar interest as a means to help expand the company. Investors of foreign nations are invited to critique LeafsOfTalent's unique services for potential relationships. Immediate geographical or regional interests are Singapore, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Japan, South Africa, England, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Mexico, South Korea, China, and the Philippines.

LeafsOfTalent's current consensus is that there are no other internet-based head-hunting firms that are servicing its members with the company's unique approach to help solve the world's unemployment woes. For the ones that may be offering similar services; they have yet to be discovered by the Company. However, there have been two well-known firms that have recently made a notable change to their marketing campaigns. Both firms appear to have diversified their services in order to capture more market share or, to increase their chances of acquiring the competitive edge amongst firms that could be construed as strong competitors.    

LeafsOfTalent's question to prospective members would be, "How many other internet-based head-hunting firms are giving away cash awards to its members as an exchange for allowing them to service their employment needs."

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