Sexual/Sensuous/Erotic--Can Adult Fiction Be Hard-Edged For Him...And Romantic For Her?

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"Absolutely," insists Neale Sourna [neel sore'-nah--, PIE: Perception Is EverythingÂ?], the film & TV screenwriter/adult fiction author of HOBBLE, Infinity, ISBN 0-7414-1284-5, Trade Paperback, 291 pgs, $18.95 US, which includes excerpts of other coming work. Order retail & wholesale [Mon-Fri] at 877-BUY-BOOK [877-289-2665] or online retail at,;,,,,'s, etc. Order through your LOCAL BOOKSTORES. Listed with Books In Print. Available NOW from Ingrams/Lightning Source.

"Hobble is a book that you must read."--RAWSistaz Reviews

        "...the narrative style is rather interesting story...I would read again...

        it rather intrigued me. The heroine is unique."--Sensual Romance Reviews

        "When's your next one coming out?"--Several Cleveland, Ohio Readers to the author

HOBBLE is Sourna's first published novel and is the intensely sexual and insightfully psychological story of hero/antihero BENNET GILLESPIE, a world travelling, Native American medical professional, a man extremely successful in his public life yet painfully dissatisfied with the path of his personal life. A man with "a hero-damsel complex", as his perilously sudden, obsessive, sexual entanglement with a troubled, "knife happy", African American "innocent", and her controlling British "legal guardian" threatens to cost Benn a lot more than his life.

*************She nodded in full conviction. Her use of “heroically” wasn’t lost on me.

*************I also don’t care to be praised too highly, even by someone like her. The

*************higher and harder the pat on the back, the more likely it is to eventually

*************break your neck. I almost told her not to underestimate a man’s innate,

*************complex fears when it comes to amour. Specially, when sharp objects,

*************blood, and the criminally insane were involved.—HOBBLE

Many of HOBBLE's readers and reviewers have expressed eagerness to read more from the intriguingly different and never dull, sharp mind of Cleveland, Ohio native Neale Sourna. Sourna is an Advisory Board Member for "Creative Screenwriting Journal" [as S Reynolds], has penned for PLAYGIRL Magazine, and her psi-fantasy/horror-erotic romance FRAMES was chosen as a 5th Annual New Century 2002 Screenplay Contest Finalist.

She believes fiction should entertain us yet reflect our lives; holding it up for us to review our points of view at different angles, causing us to reconsider the world around us with our MOST SENSUOUS ORGAN--our minds. In fact, Sourna's official slogan and new personal publishing company name is, "PIE: Perception Is Everything™" [ .

And, in HOBBLE, Benn's personal perception is what we get in her erotic-romantic-hard-edged fiction. Sourna says, "As altruistic as we all can be, selfishly personal drives propel us all; but, we pretend otherwise. Yet, even those dearest to us have no concept of the range, the depth, or genesis of our hidden, driven ambitions and fears. Sometimes, we ourselves don't even know, understand, or accept them."

HOBBLE's outward character agendas are only the surface, as Benn, Day, and senior citizen Hopkins each surreptitiously or blatantly, and sometimes in altruistic selfishness, push their own overlapping, personal needs. This is no "pink cover" romance. This is man-friendly sex with realistic motives and complications, and a strong face-the-real-world core.

*************I was exhausted of making life and death choices for people, who

*************refused to face their own music and make those decisions. I was

*************tired of having to carry extra malpractice insurance because I was

*************making those kinds of decisions, in their lazy stead. I’d “sworn”,

*************as I left on sabbatical, that the next time I made a life and death

*************anything for someone else, I was gonna get paid…a hell of lot

*************more than my usual fee or the usual effusively grateful thank yous.

*************And especially more than the I-love-you, BUT “oh, by the way”,

*************second-guess lawsuits.—HOBBLE

HOBBLE is all or nothing, romantic sexual warfare, with bittersweet, tenderly romantic moments facing off with devastating and dangerous emotional clashes, fought with minds and bodies, with legalities and deceptions, and no one of these three nor any interrelationship among them is merely just what it seems, as the unanticipated ending proves. Enjoy.

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