Astonishing New Author Reveals Talents, Secrets

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(Burbank, CA, 2003Â?The Reverend Jesse L. Byers, announced today that his first novel, Broken World is selling briskly despite, or perhaps because of, its controversial claims and shocking secrets.

"Broken World," Byers’s much anticipated first novel is the engaging and thrilling story of a remarkable young man in Southern California in the late 20th century and the struggle against an ancient evil that he finds himself a part of.

Jesse Christensen, a stigmatic, bearer of the wounds of the crucified Christ, is the heart of what begins as a small movement and group of faithful and ultimately evolves into a massive group of people all brought together by unknown forces in the face of an unbelievable catastrophe.

Among the vivid and powerful characters in "Broken World" is Emma Mervington, a beautiful but sad figure that Jesse rescues from certain doom. During the course of "Broken World" she, like Jesse, begins to exhibit unique abilities and powers. This only strengthens the bond between the two, an amazing force that transcends love and brings together a prophecy almost 2,000 years old.

In the "Broken World," just as in our own, forces behind the scenes conspire to rip the lovers apart. Unlike our world, the evil in "Broken World" is an ancient and powerful force that now has the chance, in the face of an apocalypse, to complete the devastation begun at the birth of time.

The story of an ancient evil, a supreme love and a two thousand year old secret, "Broken World," is the first novel by America’s newest premier author.

“My belief,” says the Rev. Byers, “is central to the story of "Broken World." My belief in the power of storytelling.

“I can throw all the fascinating facts about the end of the world, the beginning and all the came between onto some pages and it would mean nothing if not for the foundation of a good story. The story is the only thing that matters here. Not the belief in God, Jesus or any sacred lineage. There’s a magnificent tale and history lesson to be told in the midst of all this but at heart, it’s a love story set against impossible odds. Then again, aren’t all love stories? The only difference here is that this one may save the world.”

The Rev. Byers was born and raised in the Southern United States and dutifully served the Church for several years until discoveries led him to question the doctrines and dogma he had always held to. After stepping down he traveled extensively, researching the information he had learned of. The Rev. Byers eventually returned to the States where he settled outside of Los Angeles and now holds down a steady job and is currently working on a sequel to "Broken World."

"Broken World," the debut novel that reveals millennia old secrets, tells the story of a love spoken of in prophecy and ultimately enraptures every reader was published in December by IUniverse and is currently available from major retailers for $16.95 (ISBN 0595262244) or through the author’s Web site at

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