British Gas Customer Service: They Want to Improve

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It seems many people have been very frustrated with British Gas Customer Service. Whilst complaints to Energy Watch have fallen, thousands of people are still having problems with British Gas. However, British Gas are capable of efficient and courteous service, and want customer feedback.

A few web searches will soon reveal many web sites that have testimony from British Gas customers that detail tales of woe regarding the service they have received.

This is far from isolated, indeed, EnergyWatch publish statistics on the numbers of complaints they receive. Centrica (who own British Gas) congratulate themselves on the reduced numbers of these complaints, yet thousands of British Gas customers still have problems.

Complaining to British Gas can be a beaurocratic nightmare. There is a Complaints Management Team, a Complaint Review Team, and then there's EnergyWatch. Given the poor service many people receive, it's easily imagines that the two British Gas teams are likely to be equally ineffective. Incidentally, EnergyWatch are very helpful, and make British Gas investigate any complaints.

However, there is another, little publicised route into British Gas that gets suprising results. Further more, they welcome your feedback. It is of course, the Office of the CEO, Sir Roy Gardner.

Getting the postal address of the CEO is suprisingly difficult. Seemingly, British Gas don't publish an "HQ address", nor do they seem to have any relations departments who may be able to help. Calling the British Gas call centres tends to get the addresses of the complaints teams, not the top man himself.

However, a very helpful Centrica employee, who looks after the British Gas brand helped the author with this matter. A letter was duely dispatched, and responded to within two days. A full response, which was both well researched and factual was received a few days later.

In one instance at least, British Gas showed themselves to be courteous, efficient and very capable. It is of course a pity it is so difficult to get this level of service from other areas of the business.

Furthermore, the representitive who responded clearly stated that British Gas welcomes feedback from customers because this information helps them improve the areas of the business that need it most.

The address for the Office of the CEO is:
Sir Roy Gardner
CEO British Gas
Centrica plc
Millstream West,
Maidenhead Road
SL4 5GD.

Update 6th May, 2009:

British Gas have contacted the author and asked that the following contact details are shown in preference to those above:

General Correspondence Address
PO BOX 3055
BN21 9FE

Complaints Address
PO BOX 3054
BN21 9FD

Registered Trading Address

Sam Laidlaw - Chief Executive Officer, Centrica Plc.

Phil Bentley - Managing Director, British Gas


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