Colon Cleanse - The Nutritional Preparation

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It would be nice to think that the walls of the intestines are such that after the foods pass by that they remain vibrant and clean. But, they do not. Residual leftovers adhere to the walls. This then becomes a blocker for the nutrients to all pass through the walls, thus, depriving the body of what is needed.

Colon Cleanse - The Nutritional Preparation

By Dr. Earnest Raab, D.C. & Dr. Thomas E. Cavanaugh, D.C., MBA (courtesy of ForMor International)

It does not make any sense for anyone to begin a nutritional supplemental program without preparing the body to take advantage of all of those wonderful nutrients. The great guru of leadership, Steven Covey tells a story about a man who was watching another sawing a log by his cabin. The man sawed and sawed and sawed. It appeared to the observer that he was not getting anywhere. So, the observer came out of the woods and asked him what he was doing. The man replied "I am cutting the wood." The observer suggested, "Why don’t you sharpen the saw?" he replied back and said, "I am too busy." He suggested that if he sharpen the saw he would get more logs sawed and would save time and energy. But, the log sawer still felt he was too busy.

I mention that because so many people begin nutritional programs without taking the time to prepare their own body to function more effectively. Usually, it is just due to a lack of understanding. So, let’s talk a bit about this preparation.

When we eat food, it passes through the different sections of the stomach, small intestines and the colon. The foods are broken down in the stomach by the many acids that are produced. As the food passes down the intestines, the nutrients of the foods are absorbed by the intestinal walls and the remaining portion is excreted. The intestines also try to rid itself of the many bodily toxins.

It would be nice to think that the walls of the intestines are such that after the foods pass by that they remain vibrant and clean. But, they do not. Residual leftovers adhere to the walls. This then becomes a blocker for the nutrients to all pass through the walls, thus, depriving the body of what is needed.

When this happens, numerous disease processes can take place due to the lack of true function. If the walls of the intestines are not functioning normally it also cannot rid the body of the toxins that it wants to do through the intestines. So, the body will then retain them and disease will be the result.

Imagine a chimney stack with all the residual of soot from the smoke. The only way to get rid of it is to hire a chimney sweep. Well, a colon cleanse is like a chimney sweep. It will clean and prepare the body so that when you begin a nutritional program the body will take advantage of as much absorption of the nutrients as possible.

Products and Processes for Cleansing:

1.) Fiber Source 7

Remember two of the processes of the digestive tract. First, it absorbs nutrients. Second, it eliminated the toxins and the wastes. Fiber Source 7 supports proper elimination with soluble fiber, while it supports the body’s balance of friendly flora with the addition of Florogenesis. The fiber in Fiber Source 7 supplements the body’s required daily intake of fiber, while a proprietary blend of probiotics - supplied by Florogenesis 1™ - supports the natural balance of beneficial bacteria. These beneficial bacteria and microorganisms are useful in promoting a healthy balance for proper digestive activity and maintaining a healthy intestinal track. ForMor recommends it as a foundation for any supplement program as well as use on a daily basis.

Directions: Take one fiber scoop before breakfast, one scoop before dinner, and one half scoop before lunch.

2.) Super-C Vitamin C Crystals

ForMor chooses to offer vitamin C in its ascorbate form. Most vitamin C supplements utilize ascorbic acid, which is an intermediate form of vitamin C present in vegetables and fruit. The human body does not tolerate the acidity of ascorbic acid (pH 2) as well as vitamin C in its ascorbate form. Two of the most highly respected individuals in the research and use of vitamin C, Dr. Linus Pauling and Dr. Irwin Stone, both used C in its crystalline ascorbate form for two simple reasons. Vitamin C crystals have a higher pH, which closely matches the body's delicate pH balance - and the C crystals dissolve very easily in either juice or water, making it easier to take than a tablet or pill.

The vitamin C will help clean the receptor sights in the intestines so you can receive the nutrients in the form of ions.

Directions: Take one Super-C heaping teaspoon in six to eight ounces glass of distilled water in the morning, noon and the evening. (Do not take it with juice when you are cleansing.) It should be taken for three days if you have been eating relatively good or four days if you have had bad eating habits.

Start Taking Your Product

Now that you have cleaned the intestines, you will get the full benefit of taking the great nutritional products that For♦Mor has to offer.




For over 15 years, Dr. Earnest Raab has been studying and working with nutrition and the human body. This search became a person mission when Dr. Raab's older brother suffered a life-threatening health crisis. When the medical community had all but given up, Dr. Raab turned to nutrition. Thankfully, Dr. Raab's brother is alive and well as a result of the information Dr. Raab uncovered. Since then, Dr. Raab has dedicated his life to educating and helping people discover their natural path to wellness. He has become a zealous spokesman for ForMor products because of their outstanding performance and their quality. You will find his knowledge and expertise of the human body and the tremendous benefits received from the ForMor products to be refreshing. Come experience ForMor from a medical professionals' point of view. Dr. Raab will be sharing the effects of pH in the body and how it affects health and weight-loss. He will specifically be talking about the pH Factor Weight Management System and the new liquid product being launched at the Celebration of Success.



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