World Center For Kabbalah Studies Broadcasts Live Zohar Classes From Israel

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URLwire Review by Eric Ward: is designed as an educational center where users can study, read and download free e-Books, and now, for the first time, they can also participate in free live Zohar classes online via the web site. Said Josia Kersen of, "The whole point of Kabbalah is to assist mankind to undergo a major spiritual transformation. The sources explain very clearly that once this process is underway, the entire world will gradually elevate itself to a higher state of being". is the web's largest information center about Kabbalah, the spiritual teachings and wisdom passed down by Abraham, Moses, as well as other patriarchs and matriarchs from the Bible.

In the words of the Kabbalist Michael Laitman, "Kabbalah is not about researching an ancient mystical body of knowledge, but is rather the most modern science that is closest to man. It is the science of the 21st Century, that researches the forces that we do not see, forces that govern our world and influence every moment of our lives. This is a science that will change the future of each and every individual, and all of mankind."

Anyone learning Kabbalah is assured that within three to five years they will be able to reach spiritual spheres, all realities and divine understanding, the name given to that which is above and beyond us and not yet felt by us.

When we study the texts of the Zohar, we are actually studying writings from the most recent commentaries, of the past 50 years. This is a life belt for our generation, since it enables us to study ancient texts as if they had been written now, and to use them as a springboard to spirituality.

While even advanced students cannot grasp the precise meaning of this complex material, simply attempting to connect to the concepts presented, and bonding with the spiritual energy of the group, allows participants to derive the most out of each session.

This method that was passed down through the generations was specifically designed to awaken in us a desire to understand the upper worlds that govern our world. We are given a greater desire to get to know our roots and to connect with them. We are then empowered to better ourselves through our ascent to the spiritual realms.

The last three great Kabbalists in the world were of the same soul: first appearing as Rabbi Shimon who wrote the Zohar, on a second occasion as the Ari, and the third time as Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag who wrote the commentary on the Zohar. On each occasion, the timing was ripe for further revelation because the people of that generation were worthy, and the soul descended to teach the method suitable for that generation.

Each generation is increasingly worthy of discovering The Zohar. What was written by Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai and hidden was later discovered by the generation of Rabbi Moshe de Leon, and then by the Ari, who started to interpret it in the language of Kabbalah. These writings were also stored away and partly rediscovered when the timing was right.

Our generation is privileged to learn from Ashlag, whose material enables everyone to study the authentic Kabbalah texts and correct themselves in this lifetime. We see that The Zohar speaks to each generation in a different manner. In each generation it is revealed more and better understood than the previous generation. Each generation opens the book of The Zohar in a unique way, that suits the roots of its common being.

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