Teen Fashion 2003-2004 - An Interview

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Casual styles borrowed from sportswear, and retro-style tops are a big trend. Karate styles, with lots of black, white and red hues are popular.

1. What are the biggest trends we are seeing teens take on?

Out of all the clothes we wear, pants are the top key item. Your favorite hip-hugging, soft-wearing, go-with-anything, dress-up-or-down pants are an essential. Tight tops and belly baring are okay.

Casual styles borrowed from sportswear, and retro-style tops are a big trend. Karate styles, with lots of black, white and red hues are popular.

2. Is there something new this season? Or a recycled hodge podge of past seasons? Hodge podge: a rock shirt that looks like it's been around the block a few times, mixed with some tight boyish cords and motorcycle boots. Wear a streetwise jacket, retro top and other Dylan-inspired duds.

3. Are there any fabrics, especially, making waves with teens?

Natural fabrics are the trend, with cotton being the most popular, usually in natural pale     colors. Small vertical stripes, and checks are popular - mini patterns.

4. What are a few ensembles?

Skinny jeans with a tight top, belly baring - and tight boyish cords with an old-look rock shirt and motorcycle boots.

5. If you could only buy five things what would they be?

Skinny jeans, tight top, tight boyish cords and retro-style or rock-style shirt, dangly earrings..

6. Is an urban cowgirl trend holding any weight?

Yes, one of this season’s new looks is the vintage/cowboy style: dirty Denims, cords, fur-lined jackets and the vintage tooled leather, big-buckled belts, worn with dangly earrings - replacing the gypsy peasant look.

7. What about make-up, hair for middle school to teen?

Shiny lips are still popular and the colors are soft colors for the neutral look, to deeper shades for the sultry look.

For eye makeup think belly dancers with gray green, icy grays, wines, pinks and purples, and lots of dark liners and mascara.

Also good fashion are cream shadows in red, gold, peacock blue and icy green. Still lots of emphasis on the eyes, but bolder, brighter colors.

For a more subtle look try some taupe colors for as much or as little color and depth as you want.

One more look making a comeback are ‘Twiggy eyes‘, but a little softer and with a soft, neutral shine on the lips.

For foundation, a natural shade or nothing at all.

Keep the cheeks soft with pale blush in apricot or soft rose

Shiny chrome nails are still a hit for back to school, or if you don't like the chrome look, you can stick with the shiny ‘diamond chip’ colors that have been so popular all summer.

Hair is still often straight but curly hair is coming back as well. Casual styles with minimal upkeep are popular. Following are some good styles for this summer:

Long hair:

Part your hair (like a headband) from ear to ear, and pull the back section into a ponytail

at the nape of your neck. Twist it into a bun, and secure with a few bobby pins. Divide the front section into two pieces [either in the middle or on a side part], crisscross them just above the bun as you wrap them around it and pin in place. You can leave spiky ends for a casual finish.

Or you can separate a rectangle of hair above your ears on each side and then pull the remainder of your hair mane into a French twist by gathering it into an almost-ponytail, then twisting the whole handful to the right or left. Secure with large bobby pins so the twist doesn't end up being too tiny. Make sure your ends protrude only at the top of the twist, and [using a mousse or styling gel, if hair is unruly] mold into a mod swirl. Then divide the hair on the sides into two smaller rectangles [use a comb, your parts need to be very straight] and twist each quad into a small tube-shape, and secure with bobby pins. If you have bangs, use a blow dryer and round brush to sweep them to the side to match the direction of the twist.

Medium length hair:

Using a small amount of styling gel to ensure that every hair is in place, slick your hair into a high ponytail, and secure with a thick rubber band. Take an inch-thick piece from the underside of the ponytail and wrap it around the rubber band, tightly securing with three or four bobby pins pushed toward the center of your ponytail. To be ultra-chic, use a round brush to blow-dry your hair super straight beforehand.

Or apply a little gel to your hair and pull into a low side ponytail, just even with and a little behind your ear and secure with a thick rubber band. Twist your ponytail into a bun, letting pieces fly away at will. The messier, the better! Secure with bobby pins toward the center of the ponytail.

Short hair:

Part hair in the middle. In one-inch wide sections from center to ear, twist hair at the base, creating a little roll, as long or short as you'd like. Secure each section with a small bobby pin inserted in the direction opposite the way the roll wants to naturally unravel. You'll create a little crown of twisties along your forehead. For the back, use a stiff styling spray to beef up the volume as you crunch, twist, and curl the hair to give it a messy, beach-head look. If it's for a chic summer date, leave out the scrunching and use a large-barrel curling iron to give it a uniform, turned-under sophistication.

8. Any trends on glasses?

The latest sunglasses are much more masculine and feminine and prescription eyeglasses have followed. For sunglasses wraparound styling and large lenses are both good choices because they give more coverage.

The latest eyeglass fashions for women and men are fun and funky. Nautica eyewear has just released a young adult line containing six styles and four celebrities are already wearing them.

There are a variety of prescription lens styles including plastic or high-index polycarbonate, which is popular for sports because it is resistant to impact. This is lighter in weight and thinner than regular glass or plastic so if you have a strong prescription, you are no longer forced into unattractive thick lenses. Glass is rarely used for prescription eyeglasses anymore.


by Margot B

July 2003



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