Breathe Easy During Allergy Awareness Month This August

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Clinical study demonstrates herbal efficacy for allergies during allergy awareness month.

Castle Rock, Colorado (PRWEB) August, 2003 – The purpose of any awareness month is to raise awareness and address misconceptions. For example, many people believe allergies trigger only during childhood. This is a falsity; allergies can strike anytime in a person’s life. Also false is the belief that medications or treatments can only be taken at the start of an attack or symptom. Preventative measures should be considered at all times.

How does an allergen affect the human body? It begins at the cellular level. Special immune cells called “mast cells” are covered with specific antibody molecules known as Immunoglobulin E (IgE). When allergens such as pollen or dander are inhaled, antigens trigger an allergic reaction by sticking to the IgE antibodies. The granules in the IgE cells release inflammatory compounds called leukotrienes in response to the attack. The release of these mediators causes redness, itching, and swelling.

Now, a 10-week double-blind crossover clinical trial has determined efficacy from an herbal solution called RespirActin. “The study demonstrates significant improvement in the pulmonary function of the participants,” states Vice President of Corporate Development Scott H. Smith.

Researchers believe RespirActin works by reducing the production of potent chemical mediators in the body, such as arachidonic acid. This acid is released from cell membranes and converted to either prostaglandins or thromboxane by the cyclooxygenase enzyme or into leukotrienes by 5-lipoxygenase. RespirActin’s blend of active botanicals (such as rosemary, witch hazel, fenugreek, and black cumin, among others) block the components of these reactionary pathways. The result is a reduction in the mucous gland within airways, and easing of nasal and bronchial tube congestion.

RespirActin has won numerous awards including the Best Herbal Medicine and Best Herbal Supplement awards from Alive and is recommended by doctors as a daily herbal tonic for a healthy respiratory system.

About Natural Balance, Inc.

Located in Castle Rock, Colorado, Natural Balance manufactures and distributes a broad line of high-quality dietary herbal supplements. More information about RespirActin can be found at the Natural Balance website at

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