The RAVELCO™ - An Automobile Anti-Theft Device That No One Has Ever Outsmarted.

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The average time required by a professional car thief to illegally enter a car, disarm its security system, and start the engine generally varies between 45 and 90 seconds. In more than 27 years, the RAVELCOÂ? Anti-Theft Device, has eliminated auto theft by professionals. The RAVELCOÂ? is the world's most foolproof anti-theft device is now available in the Tri-State Area and surrounding regions.

Imagine not being able to find your car. Everything is in your car... your day planner, your dry cleaning... What are you going to do?


If you’re like most of us, you want to protect those you love and the things you care about. Because your vehicle plays such a vital role in your life, an auto thief can rob you of much more than just a vehicle.

Having your car stolen can mean missing work, school, or important appointments – even losing income. Without proper protection, your vehicle – as well as your daily routine – is at risk. With vehicle theft on the rise, protecting your property is now more critical than ever. That’s the bad news. The good news is that there is something you can do to keep your car safe.

But, many of you aren’t. There are many misconceptions about who auto thieves are and what it really takes to protect your vehicle.

A little knowledge can go a long way to ensuring that your vehicle remains just that – your vehicle – safe, secure, and in your hands. So, let’s get started... and let’s work together to stop car thieves in their tracks.

Car theft is a highly profitable and low-risk industry that has become a very serious problem in US today, according to Security Expert Chuck Whigham, Owner of GetRAVELCO™ Anti-Theft, LLC, a company that sells an automotive anti-theft device that has NEVER been outsmarted. Now available in Tri-State Area and surrounding regions.

The average time required by a professional car thief to illegally enter a car, disarm its security system, and start the engine generally varies between 45 and 90 seconds.

The most recent report from the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) states “the New York and New Jersey metropolitan areas are among the highest theft rates in the country.”

For Americans, our vehicle is the primary mode of transportation. The emotional and financial toll combined with the inconvenience makes the cost very high for those who’ve had their vehicle stolen.

Since theft is committed by professionals, the FBI notes that preventing vehicle theft in the first place is critical.

In fact, a car or truck is stolen in the United States every 27 seconds. "Over 1,500,000 Vehicles Were Stolen Last Year.” says Whigham.


There are many kinds of automobile theft prevention devices on the market today, but just how effective are they? Which ones truly perform as intended and prevent vehicles from being stolen? Which devices keep vehicles in their rightful owner’s hands and help to reduce losses due to auto theft claims that costs the American insurance industry billions annually?

These are some of the questions facing insurers, who are being asked to provide premium discounts to their customers for a wide variety of devices available, all claiming to prevent auto theft.

All vehicle owners share in the cost of professional auto theft. The $8-9 billion insurance companies pay each year for stolen and theft-damaged cars is reflected in the premiums you pay.

Now you can help prevent these losses by having your vehicle equipped with an electronic engine immobilizer.

Electronic engine immobilizers are the most effective means of automobile theft deterrence. Immobilizers are electronic security devices that are integrated into the vehicle’s circuitry and engine management system.

Immobilizers work by automatically, or passively, interrupting the power to multiple electronic circuits, usually the starter motor, ignition and fuel pump circuits when the specially coded key is removed from the ignition switch, or the vehicle is shut off.

Only if the correctly coded key, or other coded element is used and recognized by the system, will the circuits be enabled, allowing the car to start.

Immobilizers prevent the vehicle from being started and driven away.

Other car security devices such as steering wheel locks, alarms, tracking systems and parts marking, combined with an immobilizer provide additional layers of protection, but an engine immobilizer should always be considered the minimum level of security at the core of any vehicle theft deterrent system.

These other means cannot be relied upon as the sole means of theft protection. Rather than recovering a vehicle after it has been stolen, immobilizers offer a proactive means of preventing vehicle theft in the first place.


Not all anti-theft devices are equally effective.

It has been proven, that vehicles equipped with high quality immobilizer systems reduce the frequency, and cost, of auto theft.

The NICB recommends “Layered Protection” to prevent auto-theft. The four layers NICB recommends are (1) Common Sense; (2) the Warning Device; (3) the Immobilizing Device; and (4) the Tracking Device.

First, there is “Common Sense”: simple actions such as removing your keys from the vehicle, closing all windows, and locking all doors.

Second, the “Warning Device” can be either visible or audible. Some examples include alarms, steering wheel locks, brake locks, decals, window etching, and ID markers in or on the vehicle. “ID numbers and etching are used to assist law enforcement officers in the recovery of stolen vehicles.”

Third, there are “Immobilizing Devices.” NICB states that these devices are “designed to prevent thieves from bypassing your ignition and hot-wiring your vehicle.” Last, there are “Tracking Devices” which emits a signal that can be tracked after you have reported your vehicle stolen... "After the Fact."

Chuck Whigham, Owner of GetRAVELCO™ Anti-Theft, LLC, a company that sells an auto anti-theft device, suggests, “You should research your alternatives carefully when looking for ways to protect your automobile from theft. Layers 1 and 2 may deter joy riders, but will not protect it from someone really determined to steal your vehicle.

Look for a well-designed layer-three device, such as the RAVELCO™ Anti-Theft Device. A good layer three device will deter and foil even a professional thief and should eliminate the need for layer four.”

Of all immobilizer systems, for over 28 years the RAVELCO™ Anti-Theft Device has set the standard and ensured the highest level of quality, durability, reliability, a Zero-Failure Rate, and most of all- a 100% success rate in preventing vehicle theft- and also assures compatibility with other vehicle systems.


In addition to these precautionary measures, Whigham also supports the use of a Layer 3: Electronic Immobilizing Anti-Theft Device because they are a true impediment for thieves, and thus provide another level of security for vehicles.

Insurance companies offer a lower rate for cars equipped with anti-theft devices.

"The best prevention against auto theft is making your vehicle more difficult to steal in the first place. This is why immobilizers are the best and most cost effective," explains Whigham.

"An immobilizer is a passive anti-theft system which cuts off the fuel, ignition, and starter of the vehicle if it is tampered with, making hot-wiring impossible".

The RAVELCO™ Anti-Theft Device is a dual-circuit interrupter that can be installed on all cars, trucks, heavy equipment, farm machinery, motor homes and powerboats.

In more than 28 years, the RAVELCO™ Anti-Theft Device, has eliminated auto theft by professionals. And for the past 17 years, it has virtually eliminated the need for vehicle recovery and tracking systems. The RAVELCO™ system the world's most foolproof anti-theft system is unlike other anti-theft systems that can be outsmarted by professionals, the RAVELCO™ system offers proven security.

In fact, since it's launch in the United States in 1976, and with more than three million installations to date NOT ONE vehicle equipped with a properly installed RAVELCO™ system has ever been reported stolen.

The device is a removable plug that completes two full circuits on the vehicle. Without the ignition key and the unique RAVELCO™ plug, it is impossible for the vehicle to start.

An armored steel cable comes from the back of the RAVELCO™, goes through the engine firewall, and into the engine compartment. All connections are made in the engine compartment and are camouflaged in and through the factory wiring.

To set the device, simply remove the plug when the vehicle is not in operation. There are more than 100,000 possible plug configurations- an impossible obstacle for even the most persistent thief.

Because all of the engine connections are made in the plug, a thief cannot hot-wire the vehicle and there is no way of bypassing the device. To start the vehicle without the plug the thief would have to uninstall the device- an almost impossible task.

The RAVELCO™ unit works on gasoline or diesel engines with conventional or electronic ignition. The RAVELCO™ has been made in the USA since 1976 and has been installed on more than three million cars, trucks and heavy equipment worldwide.

IT CAN NOT BE HOT-WIRED. Don’t let your vehicle become a thief’s next victim. Protect your vehicle from professional car thieves with the RAVELCO™ Anti-Theft Device.

With more than 3 million installations and 28 years in business- and NOT ONE vehicle EVER Stolen is the reason we know the RAVELCO™ is the best anti-theft device ever manufactured.

You’re the ultimate judge... Check us out. We think you will like what you see. Get the RAVELCO™ Anti-Theft Device Today. Available for ALL vehicles... Foreign or Domestic... Cars and Trucks.

In summary, protecting your vehicle, which is to most their second most expensive investment is like protecting your body from frigid temperatures. You must protect your vehicle by installing 'Layers or Barriers'.

Moreover, when you begin installing "Layers or Barriers," you make your vehicle harder to steal. Remember that spending a fortune in an effort to make your car theft-proof is not the goal. The real goal is to make your car less inviting to a thief.

It is a fact that no thief is going to open a car/truck hood and begin searching for circuits in order to steal a vehicle- this is what a thief would have to do to defeat the RAVELCO™.

Whigham suggest that everyone do their own due diligence in an effort to make an informed consumer purchasing decision before buying ANY anti-theft device.

Are you worried about your car being towed? Read on… we will help you address that problem also (See the section ‘REDUCING THE RISK’).

The RAVELCO™ has almost three (3) decades of street proven technology and performance incorporated into it's design, operation and function with a ZERO FAILURE RATE... No breakdowns, no customer complaints, and no tow-ins.

Through the years, we have seen over 200 manufacturers come and go. The RAVELCO™ is simply the Street Smart Solution to Vehicle Theft. All that you have to do is 'Pull the Plug on Car Theft'.

THE BOTTOM LINE - Everyone at one time or another (more often than not) has heard the “chirp-chirp” sound of remote alarm systems. The NATB (National Automotive Theft Bureau) stated in a recent report that the car thieves are using scanner boxes to render these alarms useless.

These scanner boxes disable the alarm and even unlock the doors making it simple for a thief to steal your vehicle. When these alarms are scanned, the lights of the vehicle will flash letting a thief know the car is unlocked, the alarm is off, and the vehicle is ready to be stolen- next the professional uses a Bypass Kit, a Master Key, or other high tech or conventional device.

The only real protection that appears to be working is by stopping the vehicle theft itself with some sort of ignition, fuel and starter cut off device. The better of these devices usually mount on the dash, have all its connections made in the engine compartment and have its wires camouflaged.

A thief will not take the time to open the hood of a vehicle and start searching for circuits. The RAVELCO™ is unlike most other systems, which are connected only under the dash, and are very easy for thieves to disarm.


Since no vehicle is 100%, theft-proof and no vehicle or geographical area is immune to auto theft.

But the more time a thief has to spend stealing your car, the greater the chance of his being caught. By making your car a tougher target, you’ll encourage that thief to move on to some other car. Maybe one belonging to somebody who didn’t read this.

Whigham suggests the following steps be taken to reduce the risk of having your vehicle stolen:

Common Sense is Your Best Defense

  • The list of DON’T DOs is countless but to make it short and sweet- Try to think like a thief and then act like a wolf to beat them at their own game.
  • In short, limit your exposure. Don’t make things easy… But make things very difficult.

Invest In Vehicle Protection

  • Install a proven Electronic Immobilizing Device that prevents the engine from starting and always use it.
  • If you purchase an anti-theft device demand that, it has a window sticker on both sides of the vehicle warning of the device. This helps eliminate break-in attempts.
  • Hood locks prevent thieves from gaining access to your security system and battery.

To Prevent Towing

  • Park your vehicle with wheels turned toward the curb to make it more difficult to tow. If a wrecker picks up your vehicle with your front wheels turned, your vehicle will make a circle. (Very hard to tow with your vehicle taking up two lanes.)
  • If your vehicle is rear-wheel drive, back into your driveway to make towing more difficult for thieves.
  • Conversely, if your vehicle is front-wheel drive, pull forward into your driveway.
  • Always use your emergency brake when parked and leave the transmission in park. Standard transmissions should be left in gear.


Whigham stresses that everyone who drives a car has a moral responsibility to protect it from being stolen. Preventing the theft of your vehicle will in turn lower the incidence of criminals fleeing police in stolen vehicles and causing unnecessary injuries or death.

For more information on how to protect your vehicle or to request a product brochure, please call your better car dealer or contact:

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Contact: Chuck Whigham

Toll-Free: 877.NO.BYPASS that's 877.662.9727



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