Entrepreneurial vendor brings first taste of Zweigle’s hotdogs to San Diego

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white-hots, inc. (http://www.white-hots.com) announces a first hotdog vendor in San Diego being authorized by the Company to sell ZweigleÂ?s gourmet hotdogs and sausage

hots, inc. (http://www.white-hots.com) announces that New York Style Deli located at 2864 Adams Avenue, San Diego, CA (619.285.1223) is the first hotdog vendor in San Diego that the Company has authorized to sell Zweigle’s incredible gourmet hotdogs and sausage to consumers.

The Company recently announced a limited, no fee, and ground floor opportunity for new and established hotdog vendors from coast-to-coast to begin selling the best hotdogs in the world. Applications are still being accepted from new and established hotdog vendors across America to join a national network of independent hotdog vendors serving Zweigle's incredible gourmet hotdogs and sausages under distinctive red and yellow striped Zweigle's umbrellas. Candidates are invited to express their interest in joining the Zweigle's hotdog vendor network by emailing Company Vice-President, Tracey Karekos, at tracey@white-hots.com.

In Rochester, New York, for a long time there have been two things that you can get that are better than anyplace in the world. One of them is Zweigle's hotdogs. These hotdogs are so special that out-of-towners lug coolers packed with Zweigle's home with them, beg their family and friends to pack them in dry ice and ship them across the Country, and now order from the Company online across the fifty states and Puerto Rico at http://www.white-hots.com.

white-hots, inc. (http://www.white-hots.com) is one of only 15 listed members of the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council (http://www.hot-dog.org) and is having discussions with buyers across America, in Europe and the Far East to bring Zweigle's hotdogs the global acclaim they deserve.

The Company also recently obtained approval from the Feingold Association of the United States (http://www.feingold.org) for Zweigle's white hotdogs to be used by those who follow the Feingold Program diet. Zweigle’s white hotdogs do not have sodium nitrite or nitrate added (thus their white color). Why is this important? Company President, Nicholas Capanna, states: "While, we are not scientists or physicians, it's our understanding that sodium nitrite and/or nitrate additive consumption may cause some serious health problems including cancers.”

In 1880, C. Wilhelm Zweigle and his wife Josephine opened a small sausage shop in Rochester, New York. That was the humble beginning of what would lead five generations of family to dedicate their lives to making Zweigle’s a Rochester institution. In 1925, Zweigle’s, Inc. introduced their first “white hotdog” product, which created quite a local buzz. And, in the generations since, Rochestarians have made Zweigle’s hotdogs not only a favorite food but also a source of local pride (and one they were perfectly content to secretly enjoy as a benefit of living in their city by Lake Ontario while lesser red wieners enjoyed the limelight and became America’s favorite food with an unknowing American public).

The survival and growth of Zweigle’s Inc. from a small sausage shop into a multi-million dollar company nearly 125 years old is a testament to the Zweigle’s family, their sensational innovation of America’s favorite food, and their dedication to old-fashioned quality and wholesomeness in a world of mass merchandised, inferior franks. With local buyers never being able to get enough Zweigle’s hotdogs, the company has until now been content to focus its energies on making the finest hotdogs in the world while keeping its world-class products a best-kept secret of Rochester, New York.

Nothing contained within this press release is an offer. Participation in the Zweigle's hotdog vendor network is limited and subject to change. Additional terms and conditions apply.

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