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How can you make 33.86% YTD on a stock that has fallen 14.79% YTD? A tricky question, but one that is not impossible to answer. We all know that the stock market goes up and down we just don’t know when. You can analyze charts, follow tips, consult a psychic or flip a coin and sometimes you’ll be right – but why bother? The one constant is that the market will always move and the Market Milker System© simply explains how to take advantage of these movements and generate consistent returns. You have probably heard about “bears” and “bulls” well there’s now a new animal in the financial paddock – the “cow” – that grazes all day without getting greedy.

The nuts and bolts of the Market Milker System© utilize Covered Call and LEAPS (Long-term Equity AnticiPation Securities also known as long-dated options) investment tools. We have enhanced these tools with position management techniques to improve and protect your investments. Old methodologies and new technologies have been linked to create a simple package for both the novice and experienced investor with schemes for all levels of involvement.

To clarify the Market Milker System© here is a practical example. If you had bought SBC Communications (SBC) on 1st January 2003 ($27.11) and still held it on 26th August 2003 ($23.10), you would have lost 14.79% of your investment.

In contrast the Market Milker System© has conducted 6 LEAPS trades on SBC since the beginning of the year for returns ranging from 4.19% to 5.52%, by compounding your investment over these trades you would have returned 33.86%, not compounding yields 29.89%. The Market Milker System© is designed to tap into short term stock dips thus “buying low” and then “selling higher” with additional downside protection built in for further safety.

(All prices correct as of close of business 26th August 2003)

“In today’s uncertain economy, where’s the mileage in just holding a stock for capital appreciation, when you can “milk” the market taking advantage of fluctuations for consistent returns.” Says Graham J. O’Connor, Managing Director of Anacott Investments Limited.

So if you’ve got a computer and some spare cash then why not put them both to good use and make well over the bank rate on your investments.

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