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IT'S ABOUT TIME FOR YOU GET OFF YOUR GAS. The days of honey-coated messages are over or they should be.To-the-point patriotic messages about the need for alternative fuel will. Now you can do something about it. You can actually own a piece of a GET OFF YOUR GAS billboard and receive a classic patriotic deed. you can have forever.



As you all well know or suspect - too many of our 435 Congressperson and 100 Senators who control AmericaÕs policies are no longer 'public servants' in the literal sense.

Too many politicians and Washington bureaucrats, for the most part are virtually dominated by well organized 'public-be-damned' special interest groups.

These Congresspersons, Senators and bureaucrats no longer see themselves as 'public servants' but instead - as 'influential and powerful' executives.

More power gives them license to spend more dollar on their friends and Washington bureaucracy.

The more a politician can spend the more attention he can get from 'special interest' friends.

The shame of it all is that most politicians didnÕt start off their careers looking for power. They started with high ideals, and a wish to represent their constituents and at the same time concerned with the overall economic health of the nation. They were elected or appointed not for their winning smile,

if you think about it, cutting down on foreign oil is within the reach and power of all all citizens working together.


The American public has the ultimate power if they use it, with their collective votes, their angry e-mails and other visible signs of action as their rightful weapons to put pressure on politicians responsible for our energy policy.

There isnÕt a politician in all of Washington that doesnÕt recognize that if enough people in their district or state speaks out against him or her - their political careers can come to a screeching halt.

To that end, FOIL, The Foreign Oil Independence League was formed to produce information the public can use to speak out, be heard, put politicians on notice and communicate with the media.

After all, the same public that elected the Congresspersons and Senators responsible for the laws -- is the same public that has the power to either influence elected officials or get rid of them. Beyond the awesome power of the vote, in order to affect change, thereÕs billboards, bumper stickers, and action e-mail formats,

If enough people use the material made available by FOIL, collectively they will become a very loud and powerful voice that can demand energy responsibility.

And, at the same time, support and compliment those politicians that are doing battle with the political and bureaucratic buddies of foreign oil interests.

Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal, young and old, we are all victimized by terrorists, and government disregard for made-in-USA energy.

There are a lot of ways to be part of a group to create your own power base.

Use the e-mail 'Inquiry' to find out whether you can trust your Congressperson or not.

Buy a square foot of a billboard and rfeceive a classic patriotic deed you will have forever.

Get Off Your Gas by Stan Cotton

For the connection between your underwear and terrorism.
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