PDC (Power Digital Card) Targets Monthly Production Capacity of 20mn pieces MMC/SD by 2004 -- Largest Capacity Throughput in the Industry

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Largest Capacity for MMC/SD

To meet the exponential increasing demands of the digital market for memory cards, PDC (Power Digital Card) completed its first phase of expansion and is expected to reach the monthly production throughput of 6 million pieces of MultiMediaCards (MMC) and Secure Digital Cards (SD) soon. Plans for a monthly production capacity of 20mn pieces of MMC/SD are set for 2004.

PDC sees the mobile handphone industry as a driving force for MMC/SD card demands. According to consumer behavior, two to three memory cards will be used with each digital device. Every year, there are over 400mn new handphones on the market, if there are 100mn handphones that use the MMC/SD cards, demand may exceed 300mn cards. As for digital cameras, it is expected to be 45mn devices on the market. If 40% use MMC/SD cards, total demands for cards may reach 54mn. PDAs may account for 13mn demand in cards and MP3 devices may account for another 20mn cards. As notebooks and PCs are gradually phasing out the floppy diskette drive and replacing the space with a MMC/SD on board reader, this may create another 25mn demand for memory cards; bringing total demand for MMC/SD up to over 400mn pieces.

PDC's ability to ramp up production throughput and capacity at high speed is due to its patented injection manufacturing process. Most of the production stations are fully automated, decreasing the number of direct labor needed for production. For a monthly production throughput of 6mn pieces of MMC/SD Cards, PDC plans to allocate only 25 direct personnel per production shift. And as majority of the manufacturing equipment are self-designed, doubling or tripling production capacity may only take less than three months time.

Besides having the competitive advantage of capacity, PDC's product lines are also flexible for change. The SD product lines can be shifted to manufacture MMC or vice versa within a three hour time frame. And by using the same technology, PDC is able to manufacture xD Picture Cards, Compact Flash Cards, Memory Stick, or any future generation types of memory cards, empowering the media revolution that is currently happening.

The small size and precision of the MMC/SD Cards creates a high technological entry barrier for manufacturers. The capital expenditure necessary for equipment and investments in personnel creates a high exit barrier. Thus, to decrease operation risk, PDC insists on doing the business through automation. PDC sees the MMC/SD as become popular as the floppy diskette or CD-Rs, that is why economy of scale is so important. To meet the fast growing demands of the industry, PDC looks forward to strategic alliances, cooperation relationships, or simple business relationships with different players in the industry.


About Power Digital Card Co., Ltd. (PDC)

A Taiwan based company, Power Digital Card was founded in the Nov. of 1998. The company started research and development on the manufacturing of memory cards in early 1999. Having significant results by 2000, Power Digital Card filed numerous patents around the world on its Injection Production Process. The Injection Production Process is an automated process to manufacture memory cards, fortifying the card body to ensure product quality. Power Digital Card is member of the MultiMediaCard Association and SD Card Association and is one of the leading memory card manufacturers in the world today.

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Readers can find product and contact information on PDC's website at http://www.pdcom.com.tw.

For additional information MultiMediaCard Association, please visit its website at http://www.mmca.org
For more information on SD Card Association, please visit its website at: http://www.sdcard.org

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