PDC (Power Digital Card) Announces its 1GigaByte SD Cards Ready For Mass Production

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1GB SD Cards Available from PDC

PDC (Power Digital Card) completed its engineering sample runs for 1GigaByte SD Cards and is now ready for mass production. Using the same patented injection manufacturing process as PDC's product lines of 8MegaByte SD Cards ~ 512MegaByte SD Cards, the 1GigaByte SD Card is manufactured accordingly to PDC's strict quality procedures. PDC's 1GigaByte SD Card is proven to be waterproof and can withstand up to 25KV of ESD discharge.

The mass production of PDC's 1GigaByte SD Cards is expected to "enhance the media revolution." With enough memory density size, the 1GigaByte SD Card is able to record one full movie, store up to over 1,600 still pictures, or play over 256 MP3 songs. With one single piece of SD Card, consumers can move around with enough memory back-up, avoiding the hassles of carrying different electronic devices, CD-Rs, floppy diskettes, or other forms of memory products.

With the 1GigaByte SD Card on its way to mass production, PDC will continue to put effort into higher density products. Dependable on market situation and consumer demands, PDC will be waiting to come up with its 2GigaByte SD Card products in the 2004 timeframe.


About Power Digital Card Co., Ltd. (PDC)

A Taiwan based company, Power Digital Card was founded in the Nov. of 1998. The company started research and development on the manufacturing of memory cards in early 1999. Having significant results by 2000, Power Digital Card filed numerous patents around the world on its Injection Production Process. The Injection Production Process is an automated process to manufacture memory cards, fortifying the card body to ensure product quality. Power Digital Card is member of the MultiMediaCard Association and SD Card Association and is one of the leading memory card manufacturers in the world today.


Reader contact

Readers can find product and contact information on PDC's website at http://www.pdcom.com.tw.

For additional information MultiMediaCard Association, please visit its website at http://www.mmca.org
For more information on SD Card Association, please visit its website at: http://www.sdcard.org

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