Crimson Software Presents an Affordable Alternative for RFID and Internet Enabled Logistics Software Solutions

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Crimson Software, an experienced custom software development company based in Washington State, is now strategically positioned to offer an affordable hosted WMS solution with subscription based pricing. Integration with RFID technology has already been developed and tested, so you can be sure to meet the requirements associated with this new technology. In addition to a feature rich Windows application, the solution is fully Internet enabled with a Web Application, a Mobile Device Application, and XML Web Services. This suite carefully applies the benefits of each technology to provide the best experience to users within your operation, and the rest of the world. is a new suite of Logistics Management applications, ranging from a feature rich Windows application, to a web application that provides a subset of features to cell phones and PDAs. Although the solution was recently developed from the ground up, the first field beta test stabilized very quickly and it was able to improve many aspects of the customer’s operation.

Brian Sweeney of Lionize Logistics had several comments to share after using the solution for about 10 months…

"With the Crimson WMS, both our warehouse and administration personnel’s productivity have increased."

"From day one, downtime has been virtually eliminated."

"It is very flexible and easily integrated with the other applications we use. Added visibility to information has allowed us to increase our inventory accuracy and capture additional revenue that was previously overlooked."

"The functionality is as good or better than other higher priced solutions that we have seen and used in the past, and it was the only suitable solution we found that was not cost prohibitive…"

Lionize Logistics enjoys the ability to provide real-time information to their customer base. Their customers can log into the web site to view inventory levels or the status of their Orders. This has reduced the volume of phone inquiries while improving the customer’s impression of their services.

Preliminary reports from an independant consultant revealed that the features of are comparable with the best solutions out there. Yet it is also considered more user-friendly, more affordable, more easily deployed, and a good fit for a broader range of processes. A future press release will contain more details about this analysis.


Crimson Software has recently expanded the Internet features of the solution to provide access through hundreds of different mobile devices. Now those with compatible web enabled cell phones or PDAs can check inventory levels, or even process transactions in real-time. This was originally developed for a crew of 100 truck drivers, allowing them to use their existing cell phones to record where they are placing trailers in a large container yard, but many other applications are yet to be discovered.

A Pocket PC application has also been added that allows wireless processing and access to information. Signature capture features allow many paper based authorization or proof of delivery processes to go paperless, adding accuracy and efficiency.

To take it a step further, the Crimson WMS Billing Module can bill customers automatically when transactions are recorded. What would it be worth if you could bill your customer just minutes after a delivery takes place?


The trend is well underway; RFID will be ushered in much faster than barcodes were. Those who merely add the expense of including RFID tags with their products will lose out. If the investment must be made, you can capitalize on the return of integrating the technology throughout your operation. With a typical ROI running at about 6-8 months, it makes good sense.

Imagine being able to unload or load a truck while the items are received or shipped in the system automatically. How would you like to conduct a physical inventory by carrying an RFID reader around the warehouse? Or perhaps your shipping accuracy could use the help of smart pallets that tell material handlers what truck they are supposed to be loaded on or what location they should be taken to. The possibilities are endless.

In addition to developing an RFID interface for, Crimson Software has worked with several RFID integrators like Redline Solutions ( and Xterprise ( These integrators have extensive experience and knowledge in this area. Whether you need a simple, cost-effective solution, or one that is fully engineered, Crimson Software has the resources to make your operation RFID enabled.


Crimson Software has established a world-class infrastructure to host the database and Internet portions of the solution for you. This drastically reduces the need for internal IT resources, possibly saving you more money every month than what the service costs.

The providers of this infrastructure have proven their ability to provide 100% network uptime for the last 2½ years. The practices employed in server administration have been able to protect against even the worst of Internet attacks, such as SQL Slammer and MSBlaster. Countless other servers were pulled off-line during these attacks, but Crimson Software’s servers provided uninterrupted service to customers 24 hours a day.

While hosted solutions are a focus, these services are optional. If you are interested in the traditional license based pricing, you can also opt to handle the administration internally.


You might expect that these cutting edge features and services would command a lofty price tag. However, Crimson Software has taken a unique approach to business that maintains very low overhead. A network of technical vendors and consultants (all based in the United States) are used, as needed, to satisfy the needs of customers, while the core company remains very nimble and able to react to market conditions. This has allowed Crimson Software to remain profitable every year since it was founded in 1997.

If you would like to read about other ways that Crimson Software has made its solution more affordable, please see an earlier press release at the following link:


The following figures reflect current retail prices as of 10/01/03.

Suppose an operation needs up to 4 concurrent users on the system at any given time. It doesn’t matter how many computers they have, just how many users will be logged in at the same time.

With Crimson Software’s hosting services and their new subscription based pricing, the solution can be setup and configured in a few days for $1000, with a monthly fee between $800 and $1200 (depending upon the features that are needed).

If there is a need for services like training or customization, these are charged separately. However, most will likely be able to forego the expense of these services because the solution is quite user-friendly and flexible enough to be used ‘as-is’ in most typical operations.

This monthly fee includes access to the software, database licensing, database and web server hosting, server administration, software maintenance, software upgrades, and 24x7 priority support, which covers most, but not all, types of support.


At the minimum, all you need are computers with Windows 98 or higher (Windows XP Pro is recommended) and a reliable Internet connection (anything better than dial-up). The instructions for installing the client software are easy to follow and can usually be performed by on-site personnel.

Although Crimson Software doesn’t sell, install, or support hardware, they have established alliances with several companies that provide a wealth of expertise in this area. If you need help with a more complex hardware setup, such as wireless network or RFID components, Crimson Software can call upon those resources, or work with your own choice of vendor.

All of these features, technologies, services, and resources come together in, giving it unprecedented value.


Crimson Software specializes in providing cost-effective, enterprise level software solutions. Many years of industry specific experience are employed to engineer user-friendly solutions that drive efficiency and provide excellent visibility to information.


Mark Lauser - Crimson Software


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