Axis Command Group Offers San Diego Refreshing and Eclectic Mix of Corporate Wellness, Leadership Training, and Team Building Programs

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AXIS COMMAND GROUP has expanded its operation to San Diego and their “spirit-based” team building and executive leadership programs are “state-of-the-art”.

AXIS COMMAND GROUP of Marin County, CA has announced they have expanded their roster of corporate training and teambuilding services to include some exciting new programs. These new programs will be launched in San Diego. This decision brings Southern California some of the “spiritual wealth” of Northern California.

"Northern California is known for its leadership in the human potential movement, that’s why I moved there initially," says Paula Rodriguez, Media Director of ACG. “Now, we are happy to be in a position to offer our Personal Transformation programs to companies here in the San Diego area who want team building and corporate trainings that will help their executives and overall bottom line via the benefits of personal growth.”

It’s no secret that personal development creates healthier and more stable individuals, and in turn, these individuals make better employees who make better decisions for their companies. Recent incidents concerning corporate integrity also weighed in on this matter for ACG choice of programs. “Our SPIRITUALITY IN THE WORKPLACE program includes some very innovative ideas that make this a fascinating inquiry. ‘What does spirituality have to do with the workplace,’ one often asks,” continues Mrs. Rodriguez. “But the answer is very surprisingly simple – a lot! Without a sense of ethics, employees have no moral compass. The potential destruction for both corporate and personal interests are clear when you look at Enron or some of those other debacles in recent history.”

ACG programs are available to both small and large corporations who are ready for developing more dynamic teams. “We have programs that can accommodate any size organization, though we like to keep specific groups to about 10 or 12 individuals at a time to get the best results. Sequential groups are best for larger organizational needs,” says Ms. Rodriguez. The challenge for most organizations is not recognizing the need for these team building events, or not making it a priority, until its too late, according to ACG’s founder. The proof is in the results. Studies show the companies whom devote regular attention to team building activities keep employees more loyal to their cause.

Ms. Rodriguez explains, “I have heard from more than a couple high-level exectives, “If my company is investing in my well-being and personal growth, I feel cared about. If they don’t, well, the next head hunter that shows appreciation for my hard work might just get a positive reception from me when they call.’”

ACG certainly offers a variety of programs. Their diverse range of activities is unusual for the Corporate Training market. Some of their more unusual programs include; Horses and Leadership, where executives learn to confront their fears to make better on-the-spot decision-makers; Native American Retreats, which help executives re-connect with Nature, the sacredness of life, and their associates in a more humanistic way; Corporate Yoga and Breath-work gets executives to loosen up a little, which helps expand their thinking and perspective on important matters; and Executive Wellness Retreats, which combines holistic healing with traditional spa treatments for a rejuvenating effect, averting ‘corporate burnout’.

“People want to feel human, they want to connect and feel an authentic relationship to themselves and others that goes beyond the usual corporate chit-chat. They want more meaning in their lives,” Ms. Rodriguez elaborates on the need for team building. “ACG specializes in meaningful experiences aimed at developing the corporate heart and soul. It’s a win-win situation.”


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