New York Times Best Selling Author and Former Street Kid Develops Bull's Eye Thinking and Gets Dream Life

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Each of us has over 55,000 thoughts a day. These range from Â?did I leave the coffee maker on?Â? to Â?What did I eat for lunch yesterday?Â? Â?Why does my head hurt?Â? Â?Should I buy that new car?Â? Â?How can Bob afford to drive an Expedition?Â? Â?When will I get a raise?Â?

Each of us has over 55,000 thoughts a day. These range from “did I leave the coffee maker on?” to “What did I eat for lunch yesterday?” “Why does my head hurt?” “Should I buy that new car?” “How can Bob afford to drive an Expedition?” “When will I get a raise?”

The focused mind, however, sounds a little bit more like this: “What are the three most important things I need to get done today?” “When am I going to do them?” Optimum performance expert and best selling author John Assaraf even suggests we use our thoughts to mentally rehearse for meetings and to hone in on what we want to accomplish. He calls this “BULL’S EYE THINKING” and it can change our lives.

“Focused thinking is what it takes to truly get what we want. We can train our brains to be more productive and successful, we’ve only got to learn how. Unfortunately, this kind of thinking isn’t taught in school.” In his new book, THE STREET KID’S GUIDE TO HAVING IT ALL, Assaraf outlines step-by-step strategies to train our brains to focus on exactly what we want out of life.

Assaraf used the strategies in his book to get out of gangs, out of debt, to overcome the pain of two bad marriages and to get rid of bleeding ulcers in his colon. He’s earned enough money to buy a house a few doors down from musician and singer Jewel and grow a company from scratch to over 3.5 billion a year in sales. “Focus is power,” says Assaraf. “We have forty to fifty thousand thoughts per day, most of which serve no purpose. Just as you can use a magnifying glass to channel the sun’s rays and create a fire, you can use visualization to harness energy to create your dreams.”

“Let yourself create a masterpiece – take one giant step towards your greatest leap and put your goals in writing with specificity and conviction,” encourages Assaraf. “Use THE STREET KID’S GUIDE as fuel for your goals and consider how good achieving them would make you feel. Take charge and make your dreams come true.”

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