WDI International Introduces EcoFlush – Dual Flush System EcoFlush is the first pressurized flushing system in the world to offer Dual-Flush Technology.

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Irvine, California – WDI, the industries’ leader in plumbing technology solutions, is pleased to introduce the EcoFlush – a state-of-the-art dual function, pressurized flushing system; the first of its kind in the world. The revolutionary design of the EcoFlush provides the user the choice of 1.1 Gallons (4 liters) for liquid waste and 1.6 Gallons (6 liters) for discharging solid waste. The results are a savings of 40% more water than any conventional 1.6 pressure type unit. The flush action is operated by an Easy-Touch trip-lever that allows the user to lightly press down for a partial flush or lightly lift up for a full flush. The EcoFlush Dual Flush system’s design also makes it one of the quietest available for OEM applications.

“With the ever increasing economical as well as ecological issues that consumers and business are faced with everyday involving water conservation, it was a very important initiative for WDI to develop a flushing system that not only met the 1.6 gallon per flush requirements of today’s mandates, it had to offer superior and higher performance than any other system on the market,” explained Gary Higgins, Vice President of Operations for WDI International. “The end result was the revolutionary EcoFlush Dual Flushing system that not only meets the 1.6 gallon flush requirements; it offers the user the opportunity to conserve even more water when flushing liquid wastes. The EcoFlush is powerful and quiet.”

“The water industry is pushing very strongly towards dual-flush toilet fixtures to further reduce unnecessary water consumption in homes and commercial establishments. The WDI unit is a great step forward in water conservation through dual-flush technology,” stated John Koeller, Principal of Koeller and Company; consultant to many water municipalities, including the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.

Special features of the EcoFlush include: Easy Touch trip-lever operated flush, that is made possible by WDI’s patented designed DFC Valve (Dual Flush Control). The DFC Valve is air activated and calibrated so that the user can easily operate the trip-lever with light pressure, down for partial flush of 1.1 Gallons (4 liters) and up for full flush of 1.6 Gallons (6 liters). Most other manufactured pressurized flush systems require an aggressive or strong-handed “push” to flush the toilet. For added convenience, the DFC trip-lever operation can simply be reversed if required by the user from within the toilet tank so that the downward position operates a full flush and the upward position provides a partial flush. The DFC valve can also be mounted in several locations on toilet tanks, such as: front mount, side mount and top mount. Because the EcoFlush is easy to activate, it is ideal for small children, seniors and the disabled.

The EcoFlush is available to manufacturers who are looking for the newest innovations in flushing technology. “WDI engineered the EcoFlush integral vessel system so that it is easy to adapt and configure to leading manufacturers’ products. We made sure that the vessel would install in the same standard dimensional tank areas as most conventional water closets, and especially tanks already designed for existing pressure assisted tanks,” said Mr. Higgins. One of the first manufacturers to come on board and assist in the testing and development of the EcoFlush into their product offering was Mansfield. “When WDI presented the dual flushing pressure assisted system to our product development team, we were quite enthusiastic about the potential of adding this technology to our Quantum line of pressure-assist toilets,” mentioned Kevin Oak, President of Mansfield Plumbing Products LLC. “The EcoFlush has proven to be the core technological component that has allowed Mansfield to be one of the first manufacturers to offer pressure-assist dual flush toilets,” added Mr. Oak.

The system is priced competitively with the single function pressure assisted systems already on the market, so the cost for a manufacturer to be able to add the EcoFlush into their production should be nominal. “I can see that the opportunity exists for a fixture manufacturer to develop a complete bathroom suite of products, targeted towards the residential market. Included in this suite will be the EcoFlush equipped toilet,” discusses Higgins. “Consumers are inspired by great aesthetic design as well as functionality, so why not develop products that deliver the best of both worlds,” said Higgins. EcoFlush will be available for shipment during the first quarter of 2004.

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