SHEC LABS announces breakthrough in Hydrogen Production Technology

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SHEC LABS announces breakthrough hydrogen technology with the development of an Anti Coking Dry Fuel Reformer

SHEC labs has developed a “Dry Fuel Reformation” catalyst that can be used in conjunction with its’ “Advanced Solar Concentrator” technology as well as other sources of heat to reduce the amount of fossil fuels required for the production of hydrogen. There is an existing market today for the production of hydrogen from natural gas for industries such as ammonia based fertilizer, petroleum refining, methanol production and a host of other industries. Currently, the global market produces about 15 Trillion cubit feet of hydrogen per year by “Steam Reforming” natural gas. These markets are in the tens of billion of dollars annually. Future markets will include distributed electrical power for homes and businesses that utilize fuel cells fuelled by hydrogen derived from existing natural gas infrastructure. With automobile manufacturers developing both hydrogen consuming internal combustion engines and hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicles, another market for hydrogen far exceeding existing markets will evolve.

One of the problems in the “Fuel Reformation” industry is the plugging of fuel reformers with carbon deposits that form over time and is referred to as coking. Industrial plants must shut down in order to physically remove the carbon deposits costing millions of dollars of lost production. SHEC Labs first successfully tested its anti-coking technology to reduce the affects of carbon buildup in mid September of 2003. In all tests performed, we were able to dramatically reduce and virtually eliminate coking, keeping the pathways of our prototype fuel reformer completely clear.

In the future, SHEC labs plans to integrate its “Dry Fuel Reformation” technologies into the marketplace, reducing the amount of natural gas used to produce hydrogen. With the lower operating temperatures of our “Dry Fuel Reformation” catalyst and the application of our “Advanced Solar Concentrator” technology we will be able to slow the depletion of our finite natural gas reserves and save financial resources for companies in these industries all the while reducing emissions. Anticipated future licensing agreements will create a substantial revenue stream for SHEC labs.

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