Rods Bashing Abated

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Today, there are a few prominent UFO Researchers who "bash," the Rods Phenomenon, but, do so under the misguided guise of "comingling Jose Escamilla with The Midway Rods (TM) Phenomenon, even though they have been aware of his resignation, since November of 1994.

business partner's, Jose Escamilla's, Rods movement has begun to take quite a bruising, with speculation that his rods footage is nothing more than insects.

Over the past ten years, E to the Third Power (TM) has released a variety of "Disclaimers," in regards to the RODs UFO Phenomenon, as portrayed by their ex-business partner, primarily The Midway Rods (TM) UFO Phenomenon,

"What many people fail to realize is that the primary reason that The Midway Sightings (TM) is privately owned, operated, controlled and regulated is to ensure that the scientific integrity of the footage is maintained, and there are strict policies, in force, to ensure that occurs," states Becky Escamilla, Administrator of E to the Third Power (TM).

Unless the analysis conducted, in regards to "any" of the Midway footage, is done so in accordance with E to the Third Power's (TM) Operating Instruction 14-001, "UFO Stock Footage Analysis for Public Broadcast," the likelihood of any analysis conducted otherwise, is invalid and not worthy of scientific value. The criteria within that Operating Instruction has to be met in order to ensure that the general public is not misguided or deceived in any way, shape or form, when it comes to The Midway Sightings (TM), included but not limited to The Midway Rods (TM) UFO Phenomenon.

The members of E to the Third Power (TM) cannot speak for other UFO footage/analysis, of other UFO footage, that lies without their scope of expertise, but, they can speak loudly in regards to any and all footage in regards to The Midway Sightings (TM) which includes The Midway Rods (TM) UFO Phenomenon, and that is to say that unless it is analyzed under the conditions set forth in their policy, then, it is rendered useless and of no significant scientific value.

This week, E to the Third Power (TM) releases, Archival information via,, in regards to the Rods and their Operating Instruction 14-001, for conducting analysis of The Midway Sightings (TM) UFO Footage, included but not limited to The Midway Rods (TM).

The Archival Department's micro-site also includes a copy of E to the Third Power's (TM) subsidiary, Exotech Industries' (TM), December 26, 1997, letter to President Clinton in regards to "Extraterrestrial Contact and The Civilian Alternative Towards the Commercialization of Space." Letter can be viewed at:

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