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The remote control for everyone ! The easiest to learn, easiest to use remote control. First in a Series of Consumer Products Designed for everyone.

— Using a universal remote control is now — for the first time ever — as easy as it should be for all users. Designed to address the needs of the elderly, people with impaired vision, and TV viewers with physical disabilities or dexterity issues, the new ACCENDAtm Remote Control from Innotech Systems Inc. is also exceptionally user-friendly for the average couch potato. All aspects of the design and operation of the ACCENDA Remote Control are based an intensive study of user interaction with remote controls as well as targeted focus groups of consumers with visual impairments and other physical disabilities.

The ACCENDA Remote Control also draws on Innotech Systems’ industry-leading experience in developing advanced-technology voice-operated, voice feedback, and conventional remote controls. The result is a remote control that eliminates the usual fumbling for buttons — and the resultant pressing of wrong buttons. Consumers can use the ACCENDA voice recognition technology for completely hands-free operation, or use the ergonomic sculpted and back lit buttons for comfortable, reliable hand-held operation. Goof-Proof Design Leaves Nothing to Chance The keys are clustered according to function and each group of keys has a different shape, making it exceptionally easy to find the right key just by feel. The volume up/down and channel up/down buttons are on the side, permitting easy operation with just the thumb when Accenda is hand held. Identical sets of buttons are located on both sides of Accenda to allow left or right-hand operation. The ACCENDA Remote Control even offers a unique voice-feedback system that tells users what button they have pushed, eliminating guesswork and minimizing the usual difficulty associated with learning to operate a new remote control.

The ACCENDA design leaves nothing to chance. A convenient flip-down keypad hides rarely-used keys, reducing the possibility of pressing setup keys by accident. Making the remote control virtually error-proof for visually impaired and elderly users, ACCENDA also includes Menu Key Lockout, preventing operation of menu and setup keys which require users to see the TV screen. This eliminates the possibility of users accidently putting their TV, VCR, cable or satellite box into a mode which requires the intervention of another person to correct. Smart Source, another Innotech inovation, eliminates the usual need to push the TV, VCR, Cable/Satellite, etc. button every time users want to change what they are doing. Users simply decide which entertainment device they wish for common functions, and never need to fumble for the TV, Cable, VCR, etc. buttons again!

In developing the ACCENDA Remote Control, the developers at Innotech Systems also created a remote control designed to eliminate the most frequent customer complaints associated with conventional universal remote controls. “We knew there was a tremendous need for a remote control that targeted the needs of consumers with visual impairments and physical disabilities,” stated Len Novara, president of Innotech Systems. “What we realized as we developed the ACCENDA Remote Control was that we were creating a remote control that was easier, simpler, and more comfortable to use for the rest of us, yet which did not sacrifice any of its power. While most universal remote controls are designed strictly for visual appeal or for high-tech gadget lovers, the ACCENDA is designed to be powerful yet easy to use for every consumer.”

Exceptional Ease of Use Virtually eliminating the need for a setup guide, friendly “Voice Prompts” talk the user through setup and command training. Hands-Free Channel Scan and Favorite Channels make selecting stations ultra-convenient. Consumers can even simply say, “Play tape,” or “HBO” etc., instead of having to press multiple buttons or memorize channel numbers. A built-in Memo Recorder enables viewers to note down 800 numbers and web site addresses from commercials — without fumbling for pen and paper. Other convenience features include back lit keys and internal sleep timer. The remote control’s non-volatile memory retains user set up and favorite channel information even with the batteries removed.

The ACCENDA Universal Remote Control features the acclaimed Innotech Systems infrared code library -- used by some of the world's leading remote control suppliers -- to ensure that ACCENDA will control virtually every entertainment system. ACCENDA's comprehensive code library includes nearly 1,000 remote control codes. The exciting ACCENDA Remote Control comes with a charger base so it is always charged and ready to use and always has a home, even when used hands-free. The ACCENDA Remote Control is the first of a family of ACCENDA products utilizing voice input and voice feedback to address the needs of people who are visually impaired or who have other disabilities.The ACCENDA Remote Control is available for immediate delivery with an MSRP of $89.95.

About the Developers With design centers in Port Jefferson, NY, and Boston, MA, ACCENDA's developer, Innotech Systems Inc., designs and builds remote controls and remote control systems for leading OEMs worldwide and licenses its remote control technology to some of the world’s most prestigious electronic manufacturers. The industry’s leading developer of voice-operated remote controls, Innotech Systems has also developed specialty remote controls that are among the most popular remote control models of all time; a unique one-button remote for cognitively disabled users; and conventional remote controls and receivers used in households around the world.

Focus groups and research to refine the product needs and user operation were conducted in collaboration with AZtech, a private, non-profit agency operated by and for persons with disabilities. AZtech specializes in helping to bring innovative products to market for people who are visually and physically challenged. Experts in the field of assistive technology, AZtech is a member agency of the Western New York Independent Living Center (WNYILP). AZtech can be visited on the Web at


For more information call (203) 732-2225, e-mail, or visit ACCENDA on the web at

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