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Novelist-Historian-Filmmaker Opens Collaborative Site to Spotlight "The Best of The West"

Dr. Jack Dempsey (Ph.D. Brown University) goes where the doomsayers fear to tread. Where can you discover why the longest period of Western history was also its most sophisticated and peaceful? Who were the players of the American past that can inspire us for the future? At http://www.AncientGreece-EarlyAmerica.com, the answers emerge from lively journeys through those worlds with music and film-clips, unique maps and timelines, specialty-articles and creative works, eye-popping ancient artifacts and new visual arts that embody both science and vision---all of it in a style that is brisk and clear, hard-hitting, humane and humorous.

Dr. Dempsey's website -- produced in collaboration with a range of dynamic ancient and American scholars and artists -- is two enormous "trees" of pages-in-depth of cutting-edge research and layers of resources suggesting that The West may have a chance after all to recover its once-healthy relationship with The Earth and the human spirit. Here you can spend days exploring the highly-organized, documented details of Early Western and American achievement that speak to us still, with examples of cooperation despite differences amid the controversies of gender, race, religion and international relations.

"I don't know why schools ignore the good news out of new discoveries," Dempsey remarks. "So far, we're getting 300-400 teachers and pioneers drawing on the site per day." Dempsey is a Boston native who freelanced in New York, lived 2 years in The Greek Islands and delivers about 30 educational "multimedia shows" per year for community schools and audiences. "Whether it's through the high-tech wonders of ancient Crete's Labyrinth that stood at the center of The West for a thousand years before Homer's warriors, or the Pilgrim-pounding wisecracks of Renaissance frontiersman Thomas Morton with his New England Maypole, people are starting to realize how exciting and relevant the actual past is," Dempsey adds.

This free virtual museum's American wing unfolds a vivid 13,000-year history of the land itself through today, presents "America's First Poet in English," a comical filmscript about his true adventures, Native artists and facts on African-Americans in The Revolution. This the only website that features artworks by internationally-acclaimed Connecticut painter and archaeologist David Wagner. Wagner's color portraits of Native Americans in their own and colonial worlds, not to mention his unrivaled collections of newly-discovered Native artifacts, represent state-of-the-art conceptions of America's past with much to teach and enrich the traditional story. "I call it spiritual archaeology," says Wagner in the site's first film-clip. Other clips feature Native American historians, lively powwow-footage and even dancers at the raucous "Revels 375," a 2002 public May-time celebration of early-colonial cooperations.

Seekers of new frontiers in the Ancient West also find a feast here. Exactly how did the "Minoan" or Aegean/Mediterranean world turn the best of The Stone Age into a vibrantly-diverse international civilization lasting hundreds of generations? What really happened to it, how does it connect with The Bible and other major Western traditions, what can its archaeology tell us of where we are and where we can choose to go? With new artists' conceptions of this wild women's world and in depth resources, these "AncientGreece" pages unfold the social and cultural wisdom and charms of Crete from that dawn of The West through today, and guide even tourists to new dimensions of travel and inspiration. How did "Minoans" raise their children to be family-minded citizens of the world? How did their Ancestors speak to them, what changes in that world made us the men and women we are, and what are the Old Ones telling us today? Visitors can talk and consult directly with Dempsey and share these journeys forward through the past.

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